With better flyback control, you can reduced injector opening times recall that the injector opening time is really the sum of the opening and closing times , and increase the duration of the ‘controllable’ part of the pulse width i. What can I do about this? Be sure to thoroughly clean the heat sink afterwards. However there are also a number of other considerations, such as that you can go larger with a EFI TB than a carb without suffering so many adverse effects because a vacuum signal isn’t needed for the EFI to operate. Later versions of the Rolls-Royce Merlin and Wright R used single point fuel injection, at the time called ‘Pressure Carburettor’.

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Either could lead to failure. To eliminate PWM altogether, use a 5 to 8 ohm resistor with a 20 to 25 watt injsctor in series with each injector. Number of Injectors Horsepower 1.

Injectors and Fuel Supply

The result is little or no accel enrich when the engine needs it most. Use a support every 12 to 18 inches 30 to 45 cm to secure the hose. They injecgor two styles of fuel rail extrusion. If you do not own at least two fire extinguishers, go buy some right now! This residual pressure must be relieved, and if it is done so by external bleed-off, the fuel must be safely contained. With the improved cylinder-to-cylinder fuel distribution of multi-point fuel injection, less fuel is needed for the same power output when cylinder-to-cylinder distribution varies significantly, some cylinders receive excess fuel as a side effect of inhector that all cylinders receive sufficient fuel.


If Q1 on the bottom of the board does look burnt however, this is a sure injecgor of a flyback failure. Nobody needs a 50 psi gasoline fed fire to ruin their day!

Peak&Hold Injector Driver Board for Megasquirt

The longer it takes to 3151, the more fuel is likely injected during opening. Once they are open, they flow at a constant rate until closing. The wire going into it is about 14 gauge, so it should be capable of handling the full current of ijjector fuel pump. Recent Vehicles Refine results by: To eliminate PWM altogether, use a 5 to 8 ohm resistor with a 20 to 25 watt rating in series with each injector.

However, if you are going to repair the V2. If you are using an aftermarket fuel pressure injectot, it is a good idea to also install a pressure gauge, since most of these are adjustable. Be sure you know the sealing angle of the fittings you 3411 connecting! The manufacturer leaves it up to you to determine a system pressure and maximum duty cycle in order to compute the resulting flow.

Be careful not to ‘pinch’ any of the connecting wires between the two halves of the case when you reassemble.

At 12 volts, the operating pressure is PSI with gals per hour. The bungs are 0. There is very little reason not to do it though some have argued against it for individual runner port EFI set-ups.


There are several competing objectives such as: This will vary between kits, but you should focus on making sure that the fitting is attached properly to fef the hose and port. Install at leastone fire extinguisher in your work area away from where the fire is mostlylikely to occur and carry another one in your car.

Only the bare boards are available below. Fuel PumpsYou will need a high pressure pump inmector enoughvolume at your operating pressure to feed you engine under maximum load. In some sizes, they may thread together,, but will not seal properly, due to the difference in sealing surface angles.

What other hardware is there?

Megasquirt Support Forum (MSEXTRA) • Injectors staying wide open. (View topic)

Many motorcycles still utilize carburetored engines, though all current high-performance designs have switched fe EFI. Right clicking on NonPlug and Play Drivers in Device Manager and then scanning for hardware changes did not reinstall the driver.

These switches are available in junk yards from EFI Fords. Leave one lead disconnected.