If you do not already have the Windows PE ADK installed on your computer, you will be prompted to download and install the appropriate software onto your computer. I did this in preparation of installing a new ssd. First, make a full disk image backup just in case. Scroll down the list until you find the Published name of your driver, then record the Original name of the driver file as illustrated below. Find and select Device Manager , as illustrated below.

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In our example, we find:. To determine which driver is used, double-click on the desired Storage Controller entry. Locate Last Volume Fix There are a few instances, but a common example is the use of a hard disk RAID array.

Will it work, maybe. If not can you provide a link where I can upgrade my True Image to a version that will work in acronos situation.

When would you need to add another driver? If you system is booting successfully with AHCI enabled, you have two choices, both of which should work for you. ATIH is compatible with windows 7.

AHCI Interface Support in Acronis Products | Knowledge Base

If you switch in the bios and get a BSOD as a result, switch back to ahcj you can boot in Windows and then run the Microosfot coversion tool: For Windows 7 users, the copy and paste functions are a bit different. Otherwise, your computer will not start from the new hard drive. Acronnis are the instructions: Version 11 is not compatible with windows 7.


Toward the end of the log you will find a section for Updating drivers.

2711: Transferring a System from IDE to SATA Hard Disk and Vice Versa

I am sorry and I know this question has been asked a thousand times but I can’t get the problem resolved. So I have 2 questions It is strongly suggested that acronix use a new blank drive. MVP Google Drive If you see something else on your screen, then you do not have an Admin Command Prompt open. On this screen select the WinPE-based media.

This screen is where we will use the file path found with the Dir ahi and saved in Notepad to locate our needed Inf file. The result is the best of all possibilities.

Gather the required information about your drivers Determining which drivers your system uses requires a few steps. Once you have pasted the path into the File name field, click the Open button and Explorer will navigate to the path location, revealing the ahcl Inf file for selection, as illustrated below.


If after creating your Recovery Media you find that a device e. Restore this back up to a new disk. Difference between Backup and Disk Clone: These are the instructions:. If you’re unable to use the microsoft tool for some reason, then you just need to run Acronis Universal Restore to acroniss the hardware first and then it should boot.

If you switch in the bios and get a BSOD as a result, switch back to where you can boot in Windows and then run the Microosfot coversion tool:.

Normal bios is set to RAID. You’ll need to install your drivers again though if you generalize the system with Universal Restore, but if you want to switch and boot, it’s a acronid price to pay. Then click the left mouse button to copy the path. The path will appear aceonis the Notepad.