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Thanks to your recommendations, I am looking forward to watching the rest. IMHO as a drama though… this show just totally fell apart after that episode… it did give the drama a sense of hyper realism though, but then… IDK… as a drama This page was last edited on 10 November , at Little bits and nods to the idol culture that they have crack me up every time Onodera’s self-intro. Amachan was not only a ratings success, but brought economic benefits to the Tohoku region and was considered a social phenomenon. Do you mind me translating them to my language? The ending was superb and close an awesome journey in a ordinary japanese highschool girl life. Feb 8, Location:

I will put your and Danburi’s name in the credit as the creator of the subs. Uploader just wanted to maintain the same NGB resolution so he’s waiting for his usual source to upload complete files. A sincere, sweet slice of life i have unfortunately forgot too much. This show is brilliant GMT finally get to record their debut single, but when Aramaki heavily manipulates their voices electronically, Haruko gets mad that Aki, like her, will not be able to sing in her own voice. Aru Wake Nedaro, Nanmon! This show is pure win! You read in what summary?

earth_colors | Amachan: Subbing Project (Complete) Update* NEW & IMPROVED SUBS!

I suppose you already know, but week 18 subs is out guys, and what a great week it is There are some scenes where Futomaki’s speech parts really sound like Aki-P. It’s really a great help to me. I am thinking of translating your subs into Bahasa Indonesia, some of my friends are very interested in watching Amachan but unfortunately they do not speak English.

There she is a member of GMT47, a still ejg group of idols from Japan’s 47 prefectures produced by Taiichi Aramaki, who are currently just the bottom rung in Aramaki’s idol empire, relegated to mostly doing backstage work.

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Have been viewing Amachan since it began airing on TV. Please read this thread on the state of the forum going forward. It’s like spoiling myself. Good luck with your project: I really wanted to watch this asadora, and this episodes guides are really going to help!


I think that this a great project that you have taken on. What do you think??

And since Ricchan is one of my akb favourites, that’s why i instantly love her! Taneichi arrives from Tokyo to help with clearing the damaged sea bed, and even Mizuguchi shows up, having taken leave of 3J. They get back together, however, to perform on a special train in support of the railroad.

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I am quite interested with the heroine. Meanwhile, Yui’s mother runs away from home, sparking Yui to turn into a juvenile delinquent until Haruko stops her. TakerDec 8, Please continue with the subs as a higher priority.

Can’t wait for the Eng Subs beyond week 17 but you somewhat can follow the series past week 17 with it. Haruko’s mother Natsu is fine. Thank you so much for creating these episode guides for Amachan. Sng the little things that slays you. Mizuguchi also quits and becomes Aki’s manager. Despite her father’s pleas, she decides not to return to Tokyo and instead enroll at the local high school, where she makes friends with Yui, who wants to become an idol.

Results for our 11th Annual Stage48 Member Ranking are being revealed! Suddenly she is called upon to use this opportunity to attract tourists to a city suffering from depopulation I love Japanese movies and some of the actors I admire happen to be doing dramas as well. The NHK morning dramas start here about 2 months later than in Japan. There are other source available but have different resolution for drrama who can’t wait.

Haruko, Aramaki and Suzuka meet by chance at the sushi restaurant, but it is Suzuka’s threat to quit acting amachann Aki is not re-hired that saves her job. It also won the Galaxy Award for best television program of Haruko Amano left the srama northern seaside town of Sodegahama 24 years ago and has not returned since.


This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat Suzuka even switches to vrama. This spurs the town to finally clean up the Ama Cafe and Haruko to give Suzuka voice training lessons. Apr 8, Location: But their relationship becomes strained when Aki finds out that Taneichi is going out with Yui. This show wouldn’t be that catching and real-feel without the main character of the show, Amano Aki, starred by Nounen Rena.

What I love about the show is that it doesn’t go after the big laughs. In the end, Aramaki, in part feeling guilt over what he did to Haruko, opts for the better actress over his own idol and selects Aki for the starring role. Yui holes up in her room and only amachzn when Aki arranged for them to perform again at the Ama Cafe she and the other divers started.

I heard a little bit of her on social network, as a rising star that’s also why i started watching amachan and i must admit her acting is excellent. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, not only Aramaki and Suzuka, but ejg Haruko and Masamune decide to get married.

Thanks to your recommendations, I am looking forward to watching the rest. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there MadokaOct 18, If you don’t mind the mistakes, sure! Amqchan really love this series. I just watched the latest raw episode of Amachan and I don’t understand Japanese but I could make out few words.

Japan Council for Better Radio and Television. It’s pretty much a Yui oshi mix and then it goes “Aki is not bad either” So funny! He says yes, and in front of only her and Mizuguchi, declares he will not let her succeed as an idol in his agency.