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Watch Episode 27 Sub. The six members of GMT47 feels this means the end of their careers until Aki sparks them to begin their own campaign. Watch Episode 58 Sub. Watch Episode 5 Sub. Yui initially resists Aki’s plans to revive their idol duo, but eventually agrees to perform on their special train again. Watch Episode 88 Sub. Yui holes up in her room and only emerges when Aki arranged for them to perform again at the Ama Cafe she and the other divers started. Around that time Aki and Yui learn that Haruko had left Sodegahama originally to become an idol and had failed.

This puts pressure on the two girls, on whose shoulders rest the hopes for the Kitasanriku Railroad’s survival. Privacy Policy Disclaimer Copyright Hiroshi has a secret liking for Aki, and his videos of her, especially after she catches her first sea urchin, make her as big a sensation as Yui. Discusion Facebook Report to Admin. Aki only comes back after Mizuguchi and her Tokyo friends encourage her to continue. Watch Episode 71 Sub. Watch Episode 53 Sub.

Watch Episode 84 Sub. Retrieved 5 June It debuted on April 1,and was broadcast until September 28, Retrieved 26 August Watch Episode 26 Sub. Watch Episode 18 Sub. Amachan was not only a ratings success, but brought economic benefits to the Tohoku region and was considered a social phenomenon.

Watch Episode 11 Sub. Retrieved 28 September Watch Episode 88 Sub. With all the ama over 50, Daikichi was hoping to convince Haruko to start diving. She becomes a local idolthen returns to Tokyo to try to become a real idol, and finally returns to Akachan to help revitalize the area after the Great East Japan earthquake. Haruko, Aramaki and Suzuka meet by chance at the sushi restaurant, but it is Suzuka’s threat to quit acting if Aki is not re-hired that saves her job.


Her decision is welcomed wholeheartedly by Natsu and the other locals. Aki is again fired and Haruko decides to start her own talent agency, “3J”.

Asadora 1 April — 28 September Watch Episode 8 Sub. Episove has a strained relationship with Natsu, and her extreme dislike of the sea, diving and the countryside is one of the reasons why she left her hometown 24 years ago.

She episoode notices that it might be good for Aki for she seems livelier and happier in Kitasanriku than in Amacchan. Watch Episode amzchan Sub. Retrieved 2 January GMT finally get to record their debut single, but when Aramaki heavily manipulates their voices electronically, Haruko gets mad that Aki, like her, will not be able to sing in her own voice.

Retrieved from ” https: Watch Episode 73 Eipsode.

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Watch Episode epizode Sub. Watch Episode 77 Sub. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Watch Episode 1 Sub. Watch Episode 10 Sub.


She finds a town suffering: Watch Episode 89 Sub.

Japan Council for Better Radio and Television. Watch Episode 63 Sub.

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Watch Episode 74 Sub. Aki only comes back after Mizuguchi and her Tokyo friends encourage her to continue.

There she is a member of GMT47, a still incomplete group of idols from Japan’s 47 prefectures produced by Taiichi Aramaki, who are episose just the bottom rung in Aramaki’s idol empire, relegated to mostly doing backstage work. Watch Episode 78 Sub. Watch Episode 52 Sub.

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Watch Episode 96 Sub. Aamchan is to appear in the remake, but it is on her insistence that the lead is to be decided by audition, enabling Aki to apply.

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Retrieved 13 November Watch Episode 72 Sub. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Amachan was a ratings success, earning an average Watch Episode 30 Sub. Watch Episode 79 Sub. Watch Episode 50 Sub.

Watch Episode 94 Sub. Watch Episode 21 Sub. Watch Episode 76 Sub.