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I loved him, and I killed him. Roxas is trapped in a mental hospital, no one believes him. Could it be that blood and that pain what binds them in the end? Updating whenever I got a chapter in mind Elsword – Rated: Unfortunately, she catches the attention of Len Kagamine, a popular guy with fan girls. Especially when they’re concocting villainous plans and tend to mentally laugh manically. There’s a slight problem though – Velder is a place filled with memories she regrets. Now it was just barely a dream

Until she found out that strange men were coming for her. We are still friend, are we? They say misery loves company, but neither thought that in their misery they would also find love. Dedicated to mei lynn Everyone in their school knows about this crush and has been harassing Rin for it, Len has harassed her for it as well. Rated M for lemon, yaoi smut stuff. Dreamless by bugby reviews Roxas – a lonely young man, lost his lover in a tragic car accident, cannot walk.

Wrong, especially when he learns that he’ll be having the help of Beyond. There’ll be a few changes to the Social Links, plus a gender-bent Naoto. Although she most of the time follows Ozul’s orders if he actually gave her one, she sometimes shows a rebellious nature, especially when she was busy with doing something else or finds it as a hassle, but ends up doing it reluctantly anyway.


Akuroku, don’t like, then don’t read. Or will someone take her away before she does. But what if she finds love along the way? She didn’t want to end up like this, stuck between two worlds, no way to live in either. In a world submersed in chaos and distress, Ara finds herself surrounded by the blood of the loved and the innocent.

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Mello, Matt, and Near anal in here too. Another girl comes along, and she’s nice, but Roxas may be more interested in her brother, and he may not even know it… AkuRoku Kingdom Hearts – Rated: Throw in a blue haired boy that seems to know the future, and everything comes toppling down.

Even more so when he’s sick. Outside of school he writes stories. The Classy Guy by Huinari reviews In which Phantom must plan the wedding of his fellow Heroes, a stuffy light mage and an elf queen. GaaraxOC, other pairings here and there etc.

I don’t like you. We made it through year 2! Reincarnation is a lonely business.

Raito wakes up to find an extremely pale, extremely skinny and naked–may he stress the word NAKED– neko sitting on his stomach, staring him down. ONE boy in particular?

Near moves into a new room and meets an unexpected inhabitant. Life continues by Nietvries reviews After an unfortunate time travel incident, the PPGZ get teleported six years into the future. Maybe he’ll find the focus he’s looking for. Can two broken hearts trust again? Trouble by Forbiddensoul reviews It’s Christmas once again, and jalann year Near’s convinced that spisode will spend it alone. Please read and review, thank you! All Instagram TM logos and trademarks displayed on this application are property of Instagram.


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An Email for Axel by terra hotaru reviews Axel, I miss your tremendously, how are you doing? But what happens when Mello bursts into Nears room one day bloodied and bruised?

Usually it would be love at first sight but for these two, it was HATE at first sight. M for lemon, rape. Shall you forget them? Dan siapa yang kalah harus membubarkan geng miliknya. T – Indonesian – Parody – Chapters: Kau seperti terbang tanpa sayap.

There will be some noncon the later chapters.

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The sweet smell of cinnamon. Crimson Wings by Chiaki Yumi reviews What if she finds herself back in the beginning, with a new role? Kushina] Naruto – Rated: