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This edition appeared in February and is thought to be probably the first, but the issue is not certain as an edition of Propertius printed by Vindelinus de Spira including Catullus, Tibullus and Statius also appeared in Venice in the same year. Alexander Aphrodisiensis , In Aristotelis analyticorum priorum librum 1 commentarium []. Recent Post by Page. John of Biclar []. The story of Rama has constantly been retold in poetic and dramatic versions by some of India’s greatest writers and also in narrative sculptures on temple walls. In a new edition was published in Lyon from a different class of manuscripts which doubled he text available.

The volume also contained the Suasoriae and Controversiae written by Seneca the Elder , whose works were erroneously attributed to the younger Seneca. The book was published together with Frontinus ‘ De aquaeductu. The best approach for a general reader is probably to accept the story as it is told. Printed together with Aristotle ‘s De plantis. Apollonius Dyscolus , De constructione orationis []. The issue thus remains unresolved. But these two dates are far from the truth as the former has been assigned to Vaivasvat Manu’s deluge and the latter took place around Parashurama’s time.


Martinus BracarensisSententiae Patrum Aegyptiorum []. A hugely popular television series, ‘Ramayan’, was aired in Indiadrawing over million viewers to become ‘the world’s most viewed mythological serial’. Edited by Petrus Pithoeus. Akrura goes into hiding for the next 60 years at Kasi and held the jewel for 52 years till he was invited to Dvaraka to show it to Krishna.

IsidoreDe differentiis Libri II [].

AmbroseDe Officiis Ministrorum [50]. Only the first book; the full text was first printed in Madrid in in Isidore’s complete works. Agamemnonvolume 1, pp. SeduliusPaschale Carmen [].

Botley, “Learning Greek —”, p. First complete mahbharatam of all eleven Aristophanes’ plays. Poetry and Enlightenment, p.

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Edited by Flacius Illyricus. EpictetusDissertationes []. Jodocus Badius Ascensius []. Edited by Henricus Canisiusit is contained in his vast and miscellaneous compilation Antiquae Lectiones.

Vikram Bhetal – Two Princes

Lives of Molua and Mochoemoc. There are 11 hymns attributed to Bede in a collection made of different authors and titled Hymni Ecclesiastici. De historia stirpium commentarii insignes,F.

Edited by Johann Jakob Grynaeus as part of a corpus of church fathers it is reputed a eplsode of low quality. Michael EphesiusIn ethica Nicomachea commentaria [].


ఇద్దరు రాజకుమారులు [ Two Princes ]

The book carries an interlinear Latin prose translation together with the Greek text on one page and on the opposite one a mahabhwratam Latin translation. TheocritusIdyllia [] [].

LucianDialogi [] [].

GalenTherapeutica []. MacDonald, Sally Mapstone eds. In the same mahabharagam a complete edition was printed by Johann Schott in Strasbourg and edited by Hermann von Neuenar.

Garikapati about Kshetragna and Nykathma || Andhra Mahabharatam || Episode 1652

Edited by Prudencio de Sandoval as part of his Primera parte de las fundaciones de los monesterios del glorioso padre San Benito. Civitas Medievale mmahabharatam, Jaca Book,p. Joannes PhiloponusIn Aristotelis libros de generatione et corruptione commentaria [].

Bruno Krusch, Hanover,p. Complete edition by Erasmus, publication having begun with the Letters in Edited by Angelo Mai who found the text in a palimpsest. The spuria are inserted in a collection of Mauabharatam ‘s works.

Vindelinus de Spira [87].