I don’t think it has anything to do with hardware, it seems software related. Thanks punkxpunk this did indeed fix the problem I was having installing the A1 suite. D Yes, that’s why I messaged the moderators hoping they would have some direct contact with Asus Tech I have often seen Raja or HiViz Man do this for posters so made the assumption they could do the same here. These are drivers that do not need Ring-0 security layer access for those familiar with technical details. Pretty bad support, if you ask me. ASUS submitted 8 months ago by baytreez

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Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Thanks again for your help and time. I am sure you have all been there. The drivers are not installed to the TEMP folder they just get unpacked there this is normal most installers unpack files to the yo directory before installing them to there final destination.

ACPI Driver help – Windows 7 Help Forums

Have you tried installing the problematic drivers in compatibly mode? Perhaps it seems like a minor thing, but it is annoying when you have a system where everything is a bit executable except for this service.


Now I can’t go running for an update – there won’t be one. With a uefi installation of windows it allows the bootloader to merge with stage 3 of the uefi bios and allows the board and os to communicate more effectively.


I told Win Update to leave me the heck alone about those updates and moved on. As far as i know there is no way to get rid of these errors at the moment.

On the performance usite the system, these errors do not affect.

Still nothing about that? I am pushing this case with local Asus support.

Unblock works if you unblock the. This is really annoying. With fifteen pages of people reporting the same problem and they point there finger at Microsoft. Server execution failed, ProgID: On a repeat install it installed successfully. Normally I run the computer in auto mode which means it quietly hums away to itself and is unobtrusive.

I see that in programs to uninstall, but PC probe II is not there. The windows version was older than the Asus version. With my old Windows 7 install i had no such freezes Installed latest BIOS and still no luck.

Suffice it to say that at best everything was at least 3 steps from heaven and at worst I was staring at a screen with no obvious means tl escape let alone a way of getting to where I wanted to go.


I noted one person said they got it without AI Suite installed, but maybe they had the Probe II driver installed instead.

Actually makes diagnosing other issues a bit easier.

Windows 10 new april update broke AISUITE : ASUS

If still, if possible, please back up the datas and reinstall a clean OS for a test. For example, Asus USB 3.

Does this installer script help find the issue of the incorrect directory? Click on the start button and type: Please also confirm that the memory modules are installed correctly on this board. Oh didn’t notice, well good thing its nothing special afterall and we’ve got some answers. Just came across this thread after inatall a couple of insatll unexpected shutdowns, is this responsible?

When I ran Windows Update tonight it went from updates from yesterday to today. The driver from Asus and the driver for the device are the same version.