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Mar 29 , 7: But thanks, i want to see episode 2. Attack names switch back and forth between literal translations of the English names to the names used in the [European] Spanish games. On the flip side, this resulted in oddities like the Hammerhead Bros. In the original, he is Pisaro, who becomes Death Pisaro when he decides to exterminate humanity. Minor example from Final Fantasy VI:

Obviously sensing that the dazed man had no idea what was going on, she continued. The Castle of Cagliostro Gets U. In the fourth game, in both versions, Lutz is a legendary godlike figure worshipped by the Espers, but players of the English version are likely to wonder what the hell happened to Noah and how did Lutz get this kind of publicity if he spends all his time in a box waiting for heroes to show up. The Mexican Spanish dub of Daria has one of the most bizarre examples of this trope. However, while a younger version of her appears in a cameo role in FireRed and LeafGreen , the Fame Checker item lists her name as “Charine”. Powerpuff Girls Z are very much consistent within themselves, but completely inconsistent between each other. In the meantime I’m gonna see if I can find the old series. A giddy sense of exhilaration overcame him then, nourishing him with knowledge and understanding of Fire, of ancient and archaic forms.

It launched itself from the end of the bridge, hurling through the air like a mechanical spear bent on destruction.

Allegedly this can be traced back to an older name-list that a fan put out for the translator to use. His notes were left but no one could decipher them, and no one has deciphered them till this day. All future games refer to her as the “Harvest Goddess”.

Watching the first two episodes of: On a positive note, for the first time in the dub of a TF animated series, they refer to the Decepticon faction by its original Hungarian Marvel name, and a chunk of the terminology introduced in the movie dubs, even some of the voices have also remained intact after the medium-shift.

Citadel of the Heart flips between either using the Japanese terminology for anything Digimon related, or using the English Dub terminology. Peering out of the side mirror, Mako furrowed his brows as the anti-bender gang dispersed into Satomobiles of their own.


Something I heavily enjoyed was the music they picked for the show. One hand barely managing to hold on, her body began to slide downwards and her legs flailed around instinctually, knocking over a smaller box. If that knock to your head hurts anything like it sounded, I’d be surprised if you didn’t rattle your entire brain.

They have also stated it outside of the show that Tenzin is the only air-bender out of Aang’s children. In later dubbed series, this occurs ridiculously often between the dub of the television show and the US merchandise – for example, Dynasmon is referred to as Dunasmon in the card game, while Crusadermon retains his original name of LordKnightmon.

A full list would take all day. Ticket Sales Begin on Friday.

Evolution followed on Cartoon Networkwith a fantastic dub, but kept the Fox Kids names, and season 4 didn’t get dubbed. Anime Film Opens in In her debut episode, she’s called “Alice” with the Italian pronunciation that sounds completely different “Al-ee-che”. The Animus was supposed to be used only by me, once everyone realized that I was the new Avatar.

What is generally a good summation of why DA2 was a failure? Quickly, he cringed and clasped his hands to the sides of his temples. It seemed like it was deserted, all the prior cars having stopped hte the edge of the conduit. Great Tornado was never given its merchandise name, so when his Evil TwinBlack WarGreymon, showed up, his Black Tornado attack was no longer named after the attack it was the Evil Counterpart of.

The English dub of Ryuusei no RockMan was no better. And some fans even insist on pronouncing “Duck” as if it were a German word. I guess you’re right. In Final Eplsode VIICloud’s catchphrase “kyoumi ga nai ne” translated later on as “Not interested” was translated as something different every time it came up in the script, meaning a huge majority of players didn’t even realize he had a catchphrase at all until later on, when supplementary works with more consistent translations came along.

It’s like New York in the s, except filled with magic ninjas. Sometimes he was the literal Spanish translation “Chico Doc” ; other times, his name was unchanged. Coils of wires wrapped around the odd device. Who fights for love and justice! Whereas the Japanese version retains the incantation across games due to nostalgia, the fact that the various English localisations are rarely produced by the same team means that the incantation is inevitably translated differently each time.


It took the scientist nearly five years to figure out the problem, but by then, he had passed away before he could patch it up.

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This makes even figuring out what games he appears in near impossible. Its heavily implied that Tenzin is the only air-bender of Aang’s children when Korra says that he is the only Airbending master. Airbener for the Hungarian translations. The Animus was deemed a failure, and they were all supposed to be destroyed. The translator eventually tried to salvage the script by handling the translated names as if they were generic designations denoting what type of gem a character is, while the English names were their personal names.

Mako remained impassive, studying her serious ocean-blue eyes. The roar of a flying motorcycle went unheard, quieted by the pure intensity of his focus. Kuroko no Basket Season 2 Episode 1 By: She has Call Backs that make sense in Japan but not in the dub, such as her bragging about her attractiveness. However, while a younger version of her appears in a cameo role in FireRed and LeafGreenthe Fame Airbendr item lists her name as “Charine”. Dubhap;y is anotherseries … now airbenddr in the Avatar universe, about 70 years after the endof the war, called The Legend of Korra.

Weakly, he propped himself up into a sitting position resting on the edges of his forearms.

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The Latin American Spanish voice acting of both Halo 3 and Quantum Break uses the Mexican dialect, but the on-screen text and menus still use episoce European dialect. Why did you agree with me and tell Bolin to go this way if all you’re going to do is argue? She checked an odd looking bracelet on her wrist.