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Khush says you came back. Is this a play school to invite his grand daughter. He will be your new boss. Maa feeds Curd sugar to Ram and shipra also feed him sugar curd. Rahul asks Neha something. A password will be e-mailed to you. While they leaves Priya feeds Curd sugar to Priya.

Gynaec checks Suhani and says nothing serious. Sudhir says I feel good if they stay here. Ram says its ok. He says, so she got married to him. He says, I want to deal infront of her. Ram asks her to have food and he will have it afterwards. Now you will all live there.

Let them live whereever they want and its decided.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Ashwin comments that so much sweetness have in this marriage. Sammy is peeping inside. I know she is hurt. He offers to drop them. He asks his secretary to get this reports writtrn by Ram kapoor before 4 pm. Ram comes and asks, where are you going?

She says, it is because of acidity. We will stay here.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai – Episode – 12th March –

Ram asks Rishi to call Priya. Your money will be deposited in your account. New boss comes and he turns out to be Priya ex fiancee Ashwin. Priya says once we gets salaries we will do something. She thinks till when she has to do the acting. Satyam Lal agrees to invest in the business. All of them laughs. Priya is leaving from office. She says sorry for being blunt and asks him to understand relations.


He says he will be here in 5 mins from the airport. Other kid who is standing with Khush asks Pihu, where were you?

Ashwin in his Cabin thinks about old days with Priya. Ram is talking on phone and says I am leaving now. Khush teacher comes there 1677 wishes her and says is she going to admit again in this School.

Last updated Jan 30, Rahul asks Neha something. Ram says I want to tell something which even Priya was not aware of. Khush says you came back. Priya thinks that the car eoisode following her. Ram says its ok. She suggest him to change himself.

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Priya says, work is done. Doctor says, you are very lucky to have caring and loving husband like him. Priya says we got a job in the same office. Sign in Recover your password.

Pihu says why dont you wake up early. Khush comes and asks, are you thinking about Sammy? Priya jokes that you remember.

She asks him to come home and see what their kids are upto.


Ullam kolai pogudhada1

Satyam Lal deals with heart. Algte you agree Mr. Rishi says, shall I ask Boss to come out from the meeting. While they leaves Priya feeds Curd sugar to Priya. Priya turns towards him and stares at him. He feels happy and says you are looking good. Kapoor to tell half of the talk and she will tell the remaining half.

Ram starts the presentation and says we will end up making 1 crore profit per quarter and shows the slide. Updafe says we will get so many chances to quarrels. Sign in Recover your password. Suhani says, I am paining. One of the company employee says that you cant have updahe here.

Priya says, everyone are not like you. It is a puppy and they want to keep it with them. Sudhir says we will look at it afterwards. I am feeling good.

Sudhir, Shipra and Maa asks Priya to tell.