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He started his theatre career in and made his TV debut in in the series The Cell. Its successful festival run continues, and in the film opened the Rotterdam festival, swept the awards at Queensland and screened at several other festivals worldwide. A Lebanese actor is cast as the Mossad agent, as is always the case. Multiple characters are explored — the timid introvert, the playful pragmatist, the antisocial — and their complicated relationships transcend age and social class. He is known for his openness to a social and poetic cinema. The essential purpose of the organisation, which now has members in more than 60 countries, is to support cinema as an art form. The Black Stallion offers an ample dose of melodrama, featuring kidnappings, murders, instances of memory loss, accusations of betrayal, unexpected pregnancies and death threats.

She is currently the director of development section at Arab Media Group and at the Al Bayan newspaper. Acknowledged as the director and producer of the first three feature films made in Bahrain, Al Thawadi is famous for his simple yet striking style of film making. He is known for his openness to a social and poetic cinema. Mohamed Fahim, who plays the role of Brotherhood thinker Sayid Qotb, has almost the same physical characteristics, in stark contrast to the handsome, confident and chain-smoking Abdel Nasser Yassir al-Masry. But it is not very convincing. Sadly though, this year is disappointing. His short film Medianeras earned him more than 40 international awards, including the Grand Prix in Clermont-Ferrand,

He has made TV serials, documentaries and shorts and directed plays before his debut feature She and He The essential purpose of the organisation, which now has bawel in more than 60 countries, is to support cinema as an art form.

She began her career at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs. Lotfy started her career as an assistant director in commercials, but then moved on to her true passion, documentaries.

An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus Do we recommend it? Leil is drawn kgayat the most badass killer who takes any kind of job and gets it done in no time. She graduated from the Cairo Film Institute with honors in A year later, he shot and codirected with Jehane Noujaim Egypt: Nelly Karim plays a shrill and superficial role, acting out of the complicated, dramatic typecast she stuck to over the past few years.


Mahmoud meets Irish Egyptologist Katherine Menna Shalabi on the deck of the boat, and they fall in love and get married shortly after. As kuayat show starts we are introduced her character, Sanaa, a young woman living her family in a crowded alleyway.

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Khxyat when a wealthy widowed neighbor pressures her to marry him, and her long lost nephew returns from a year absence, the small world she reigns over is thrown out of whack. Six members of a s family live in their own clandestine world after the father dies. The art form celebrated is ballet and classical music is also introduced through the character of the father, a reclusive man who abandoned both family and career in pursuit of his art.

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Boycotting Israel in Lebanon. This year, in Ramadan KareemRuby performs a double role. While there are some funny jokes at the expensive of Ramadan rituals, this show is only advisable if you have a strong gasel toward the holy month and enjoy watching people struggle to get through it. The coming together of contemporary scripwriter Tamer Habib and popular author Ihsan Abdel Quddous is perhaps a natural progression of world affairs.

Al Shamari manages official communications during major events and is the coordinating officer and media representative of the Ministry of the Interior. But as it stands, not really. Recipient of the first Edvard Munch Award for Contemporary Art in Norway, his films have been shown at prestigious film festivals around the world.

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His much acclaimed debut feature, The Name of a Riveran homage to the legendary filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak, was screened at over 50 film festivals. By day she is a sales girl working at a cosmetics store, where she cunningly collects multiple potential suitors.


He studied music and attended photography, screenwriting and directing workshops before beginning a career in advertising. He serves on the Child Protection Executive Committee. He jhayat heads the Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation.

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Amina, a successful young woman, is diagnosed with leukemia just a few months before her wedding to Omar Hany Adel and right after being promoted. We see him in the chicest suits and shades, driving around in his luxurious sports car.

Her debut feature film Somersault premiered with much success at the Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section, won more than 20 awards and was released in 15 countries worldwide. Played by Sayed Ragab, her father, not so ironically named Ramadan, is also a lead character in the show and the alley in which they live.

Here, she plays a good-hearted, naive woman who advocates for notions of art amid a backward society that rewards her with a sense of jealous vengeance. Sadly though, this year is disappointing.

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Nasser, despite being a Brotherhood member, is always criticizing the group for favoring personal interests over nationalistic ones. That same year Zaman made the medium-length film Country of Snow and two years later another short, The Others. Her greatest success came with her second collaboration with director Zekri, in the TV drama Zaat. This series is a psychological thriller and a philosophical attempt to understand our capacity to maintain our values in the face of abnormal life events.