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However, no data was provided as to how the Reliance 3G is finer than the rest of the 3G networks. However, in the absence of response from the advertiser, an exparte decision was taken. Pan Masalas are definitely harmful for health but they are also harmful for clean India i. The claim support data was reviewed by the technical expert of ASCI. Pan Masala ad should completely be banned from the television as these ad affecting the youth in negative ways. They are back and here on, everything you read in this column, unless otherwise specified, is selected by a person consumer panel. Pan masalas are definitely harmful for health but they are also harmful for clean India i. Action to be taken:

This claim needs to be substantiated with necessary support data. This is completely misleading the consumers to believe that usage of shampoo will reduce normal hair fall which may not only be due to breakage. We would like the advertiser to substantiate how a shampoo which is designed to clean up, provide nourishment to its users. The average internet consumption per user per month has crossed 10 gigabytes; Two and a half years ago, that number was less than one. This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: The CCC concluded that the claim was substantiated. A dazzling experience of saffron blended, silver coated cardamom seeds, sure to leave your taste buds impressed. Drag according to your convenience.

They should find another sensible situation to fit their purpose.

The advertiser bingp evidence of complaint resolution. The advertiser was once again granted an opportunity to respond to the complaint along with the dates for Personal Hearing with the ASCI Secretariat.

The advertiser representatives did not seek personal hearing and submitted their written response. Number of complaints-5 Complaint no. We propose immediate withdrawal of the advt. I don’t medje that just showing the warning at the end of the ad is helping in any way. The survey did not cover incidence of protein deficiency. The CCC acknowledged that the video appears to be a depiction of product demo and cannot be termed technically wrong.

This claim needs to be substantiated with necessary support data.

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The Advocate responded on behalf of the Advertiser. The decision of this complaint being Upheld stands on Review. Kamla Pasand Pan Masala.


The CCC viewed the magazine advertisement. Promoting the brand Rajnigandha would tempt the youth of tdhe country to consume a hazardous product like pan masala and lead to an unhealthy nation.

The print advertisement contravened Chapter I. In parallel, ASCI also approached PT Education, Indore parent organization who confirmed that the advertisement was released without approval by PT Education, Indore representatives and states that they have no connection with PT Education Bhilwara Centre and the concerned person has submitted an apology letter.

Future Value Products Pvt. They are back tfdhe here on, everything you read in this column, unless otherwise specified, bjngo selected by a person consumer panel. The advertiser has provided the details of the drop test which was reviewed by the technical expert of the ASCI and the tevhe claims made in the advertisement were substantiated.

This was not as per protocol, but had been allowed by oversight by PCI representatives. Classes an institute which provides training for CAT which mentions that the institute is, claiming T. The advertiser asserts that this light food is easier to digest. Neither does the son who has just arrived, and tells the father not to worry because Neha is right there with him. Teacher is shown as inefficient and unable to handle the class. The website advertisement contravened Chapter I.

As ningo support data, the advertiser has provided a research study that they conducted via IMRB.

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The CCC also noted that no response was received from the advertiser prior to the due date. Pan Vilas Pan Masala. No response was received from the advertiser prior to the due date. She’s not, physically present that is. The advertisement defies logic, lacks communication and disparages Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone model. The coloured print outs are not representative of the standard page yield corresponding to the number of As claims support data, the advertiser provided reports issued by Department Oils, Oleochemicals and Surfactants Technology, Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology; FareLabs reports; details of survey conducted by Nutritionist Republic; and individual reports issued by independent nutritionists.

Pan Parag India Ltd. This is an ad in which a girl is running behind a departing train to catch it and ask and ask for her friend to help her get in the running train,as to which her friend is busy eating bingo and says tedhe medhe. Show that these vehicles can reach ahead of any other vehicles on traffic signal while on red by zig zag driving to overtake standing vehicles. Advertiser provided third party test reports to substantiate the claim of 10X germ protection. However, the claim as used in the print advertisement was considered to be misleading by ambiguity and implication that the product is effective of physiological hair loss.


Best-bekaar: Bingo, SBI, Vodafone leave a mark; Idea, FundsIndia, BabyOye fail to impress

The fact remains that on key parameters such as unique visitors and page views, Financial Express is way below the pecking order. The CCC viewed the advertisement hoarding. The data did not provide details of the mix of population chosen with respect to, Man vis Woman, Diabetic-Non Diabetic and the initial pre-history of subjects etc. The print advertisement contravened Chapters I. With the usage of data about visits by FE. The advertiser representatives did not seek this a personal hearing and submitted their written response.

Stay On Power Capsule. The advertiser was granted an extension of five days to the standard lead time of five days to submit their reply in response to their request for extension of two weeks. As claim support data for Review, the Advertiser has submitted the ISO Test Report for Deskjet IA using HP Cartridge and the packaging of printer and cartridge which mention that the yields indicated are as per ISO standards and that actual yield may vary based on content printed and other factors.

The pillion was not wearing helmet and also doing stunt. Further, findings from years are extrapolated to entire population, including vulnerable segments like pregnant and lactating women, infants and children.

The website advertisement contravened Chapters I. The police women checks another women who is carrying condom box. Visually it is quite obscene on a family channel n definitely the dialogues invite lot of speculation n unnecessary questions in the minds of young n growing up children. CamdenLondonEngland.