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With some of the story being told in song in a nightclub a little in Moscow and at the front, we learn a little of the politics of the time. Search for ” Bitwa Warszawska ” on Amazon. The Odyssey of Destiny. I suspect that they were actually quite realistic representations of the fighting. It’s not often I get to see a film from Poland. For these roles, casting occurred almost flawless: Full Cast and Crew.

Share this Rating Title: There are a few functions it should fulfill: Just under two hours. Some best Polish actors are also given their parts, including Ewa Wisniewska in a humorous role of Ada. This site does not store any files on its server. I love Polish history.

Different strata of Polish society oppose the communist aggression from Soviet Russia. For those with an wtch in Eastern European history, it has been said that Stalin’s treatment of the Polish Army officers in WW2 see the superb film Katyn was determined by the outcome of this battle.

An epic story about the Ukrainian uprising against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth magnates in the 17th Century.

The enemy occurs to be stronger than most pessimistic anticipations could ever foresee: His direction along with Jaroslaw Sokol’s screenplay result in an astounding, majestic spectacle combined with the psychology of real people both historical figures and fictitious characters. I am fond of the Civil War period, and this particular period is of an extreme interest. I really hate 3D, and I found it terribly disturbing when trying to focus, particularly on battle scene long shots. Edit Details Official Sites: Trivia The film takes place from August 12 to August 25, Hasn’t ‘Make Love not War’ been a more appealing message?


After the opening credits, a line of Mujahedin are shown approaching a roadway where a squad of Soviet soldiers has been slaughtered Take “Gattaca” or “Black Hawk Down”. At the point in time of this battle, the old technologies of canon and horse were competing with machine guns and armoured cars. I was sent this film with subtitles on DVD by a friend in Poland and found it engrossing.

Sofiya Nikolayevna Adam Strzelecki The love interest and sub-plots enhanced the film, but again some knowledge of 20th Century Eastern European culture and politics helped.

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As in most of such stories where war steps in, there is a couple whose love must give in before duty for homeland – the main protagonists Ola Natasza Urbanskaa vaudeville dancer and Jan Borys Szyca cavalryman and a poet who embody all social reality.

Seen at Cinema So it is in the case of this movie. He becomes a patriot in time, what is it if not the experience that makes us the way we warszqwska Daniel Olbrychski perhaps does not portray Pilsudski in such a perfect manner that Janusz Zakrzenski would perhaps do that; however, he really does his best to underline the genius of the man who is truly at the core of Poland’s warszawsia, who is with warzsawska people and for the people; finally, someone who does not deny the divine intervention and says memorably: You May Also Like.


Battle of Warsaw 4. Ignacy Skorupka – Priest Piotr Glowacki A significant period indeed and the crucial battle seen by the great British politician and diplomat, Lord Edgar D’Abernon, as one of eighteen most important battles ever fought in history watcg mankind.

Why I’m not happy? I suspect that they were actually quite realistic representations of the fighting.

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Ola Raniewska Borys Szyc The nightclub scenes are really well done, with some great stage numbers, which although incidental to the main story, lend authenticity. Actress Ada Aleksandr Domogarov Love lives on a par with war.

The list goes on. There are some technically nice takes but they’re mostly just copies of “BHD” style of filming.

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The cabaret scenes showed glamour, style and sensitivity where necessary – all in stark contrast to some, frankly, barbaric and unglamorous battle scenes.

How come, every time I wait for a good polish movie about some episode from Poland’s history, I end up being seriously disappointed?

Now a little bit about the story itself don’t worry no spoilers here.