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In today’s world, the veterans are forced out of their apartments, fake cognac is being sold and drugs can be brought into schools. Alexander Rodionovich Borodach unknown episodes. Igor Karev of Gazeta. TNT targeted young audiences in Competitions between comedians and stand-up teams, a new TV format, began in In this world, a university diploma can be bought if you have enough money Like the participants in Dom-2 , they pair off and begin relationships. TNT participated in ‘s Year of the Young, supporting the youth-volunteer Train of Youth and broadcasting over public service announcements.

TNT for fun” were shown in a month-long campaign throughout Russia. For the first time I saw [Ksenia Sobchak] in on a video cassette when doing a casting of the future hosts of Home Recommended Simulator of prison life. Semyon and I have long planned a comedy about the hostel, since the time they had lived there. After spurning the governor’s son, Sasha acquires dangerous enemies, alienates her friends including her sweetheart , leaves her child with her grandmother and goes to Moscow in the hope of vanishing. We hope very much that after this, our American colleagues will pay attention to our television series and discover Russia in the same way as they have discovered UK and Israeli productions. Okhlobystin’s character, department head Andrei Evgenievich Bykov, inspires a “Bykov’s army” [74] and creates a “paradoxical and ironic rationalism with which he tends to percept the reality” [76] reminiscent of Hugh Laurie ‘s portrayal of Gregory House. The channel had a production system for its own series and a talk show with Vladimir Solovyov a newcomer to television , and presented television premieres of blockbuster films.

Edit Details Official Sites: Football 2 HD Match! Three in a row. Indeed, two-thirds of our content is being produced by these two companies. In the world of big commercial movies, changing genres is considered to be quite dangerous.

The requested E-mail is not registered on the site. Not to be confused with TNT U. Although it begins with an announcement that the plot is “imaginary”, the authors say that it is based on some fact. TNT targeted young audiences in And I’m interested in looking at people for whom such a life is quite common. Edit Storyline The main guy keeps on getting into trouble with the police by doing stupid things and explains it to the poilice while trying to escape from time to time.


I must admit that as a host she was completely inexperienced. Disease is an informational cause that initiates communication Streets of Broken Lights was a long-running series about the everyday life of the Russian police. The season was later previewed in 18 Russian cities: The new channel initially focused on regional viewers. This game for children. His experiences inspired the series: You have already voted The series was the first in Russia to be shown in cinemas before its TV premiere.

This transaction is not just profitable for TNT, because we make money on it. The channel had a production system for its own series and a talk show with Vladimir Solovyov a newcomer to televisionand presented television premieres of blockbuster films.

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TNT targeted a wide range of borpdach before the —03 season, broadcasting documentaries, cartoons, and series. The channel, unable to purchase or produce blockbusters, focused on new and less-expensive programming.

An attempt to repeat the success of Univerit examines the issue that Russian philological faculties teach mostly women; at a filn, three men find themselves among a lot of women.

Univer was more successful and, with its two-season sequel Univer. Clips and advertisements with the slogans “TNT about life.

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The channel delivers its signal via satellites in four orbits, which allow its 27 television stations to receive it in their corresponding time zones. In the first week after the placement of the series on Rutubeit had a record 6.

The channel’s national share was in fifth place, at 9.

Igor Karev of Gazeta. Well, let’s meet her! This world is just as cruel as the former one, but more hypocritical The world of the past in the series is a world of bandits, violence, shooters, raids and falsifications, a world of tough guys in black jeeps with gold chains on the necks.

Its first episode was watched by The show’s participants, falsely convinced that millions of viewers are watching them, rush to produce the show and organize SMS voting.


The channel began promoting the people directly or indirectly connected with it: Add the first question. TNT executives promised to attract more top foreign actors for their programs. New mini-series about students’ adventures at guesthouse. In this world, a university diploma can be bought if you have enough money TNT considered and dismissed the possibility of a second season of Through my Eyesso the series has 19 episodes and an open tilm.

Barvikhaa comedy-drama about school life in an elite cottage communitypremiered in fall But I like this kind of boordach.

Remember in the past, when terms as “a variety artist”, “a pop star” and “theater of variety miniatures” existed? The Adaptationa comedy series, premiered in February. Amediateka a paid video service bought the rights to the series, and made all six uncensored first-season episodes available on May 15, This is a new source of income, giving us more opportunities to produce TV series. The most amazing thing is that for artists it does not seem to be a guilty pleasure or a zone-out but a full-fledged pleasure.

User ratings 60 8 7 4 In his new world, the brutal, simple-minded and defenseless Foma tries to do two things he has never done before: The series featured a gallery of city characters: Olgastarring Yana Troyanova, was a comedy-drama [] which outdid Interns and P.

To post a comment on the site, you need to to register or login to your account. Teacher in popularity among its target nationwide 14—44 audience in September. In the magazine The Art of CinemaOlga Ganzhara agrees with star Ivan Okhlobystin that The Interns is more than a traditional situational comedy; it “has discovered a new genre — having something in common with a classic kind of TV series and a sitcom based on an incredible playwriting material”.

Like UniverThe Interns did not copy American sitcoms.