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They were featuring artists and songs from the 70’s, and the leader of the group “Starland Vocal Band” was using it on their song ” Afternoon Delight”. Solid Sitka Spruce top and Solid Rosewood back and sides, gold plated machine heads and adjustable truss rod. Brazilian , Giannini , High , Nickel. Classical , Giannini , Guitar. The Craviola also received an electric version with Wilkinson pickups. The combination of modern production techniques, traditional skills and Brazilian flair is responsible for the unique range of Giannini instruments available today. I am considering changing out the nut and saddle to bone and see if that brings out a little more tone.

Retrieved November 5, I do like to capo the 5th and to your point it sounds like a tenor uke. We guarantee the highest quality not only by our exacting methods of production, but also by selecting only the finest natural woods: Retrieved from ” https: Newer Posts Older Posts Home. They based the body on a drawing by his then-young daughter.

Previous to this post I was unable to find any information about the guitar. Okay, I’ll give it a whirl. Solid Sitka Spruce top, solid Mahogany back and sides, Ebony fingerboard.

The “” refers to the year of of the Tranquillo Giannini Company’s founding kind of like the “Est. Posted by Allistairi at 2: That is, they’re okay factory guitars, but no longer anything special.

These will have the added benefit of driving a little more volume and tone out of that laminate top, which I’m guessing can withstand the extra tension. The cutaway and teardrop cavack helped reduce the body size down to something more like a viola caipira.


Classical Giannini Guitar

I do like to capo the 5th and to your point it sounds like a tenor uke. Find all posts by mc1. Every review was positive and mentioned the fact that the Craviola’s unique shape definitely drew a lot of attention from the audience and musicians alike.

The Giannini Craviola guitar see the illustration above was created in the s and is available in both steel and nylon string versions and in both 6- and string formats. In Novemberthe classical Giannini guitar workshop was established by Italian luthier, Tranquillo Giannini. BrazilianGianniniHighNickel. You might try high or “hard” tension strings. Not sure of the year Fender Jazzmaster that I bought used in It sounded awfully dull at first and had a tuner broken LOL.

At the same time, Giannini put out a six-string version. GianniniCcavacoSeries. ClassicalCutawayGianniniGuitar. The Giannini site doesn’t say much but at least it is pictured in the link provided by knowlton. The woods were beautiful and i liked the unusual shape. Granted, it isn’t much bigger than a tenor uke and seriw very comparable in size to a baritone. Solid Sitka Spruce top, solid Mahogany back and sides, Ebony fingerboard, gold plated machine heads and reinforced neck with adjustable truss rod.

Giannini Estudo

The name comes from a conflation of cravo harpsichord and viola. Thge guitar plays very well as good as my Brazillian Washburn 12 string and my maple Sigma 12 string. This page was last edited on 26 Juneat The odd shape makes this guitar very comfortable to play.

In order to achieve perfection in sound quality and aesthetics, we unite cavacco methods of craftsmanship with the most advanced technology available. Throughout the whole seasoning process, these woods undergo all possible modifications of humidity and dryness before they are made into the instruments of the highest possible sound capability for which they are internationally renowned.


A string steel Brazilian Viola and a four-string steel Cavaquinho are integral to Brazilian music, and are eztudo made in the traditional way by Giannini craftsmen. The sound is bright with just enough bass. I’m also hoping to announce some interesting alliances with classical and acoustic guitarists as these wonderful instruments are re-introduced in estudp UK.

The Craviola, created by Giannini with Brazilian musician Paulinho Nogueira is one of the most notable guitars made by Giannini due to its unique shape and sound identity. I have always liked the CraViola design cutaway teardrop. Supplied with Giannini gig cvaco. The time now is Giannini brings together all of its creative energy and technical skill so that our instruments are exactly they way that musicians of all styles and orientations would want them to be.

Classical Giannini Guitar – Unique Guitars, Brazilian Style

For the coachbuilder, see Giannini Automobili. When the price dropped to closeout prices on Amazon, I decided I couldn’t pass up the opportuniy to try one out.

Giannini Series MPB?