Download CMI driver from the file that we provide in this site. This helps us to determine how best to provide useful information to customers and to understand which parts of our websites and services are of most interest to them. Download and install Winrar. It doesn’t matter your operative system, here we have all of the versions of the driver CMI Cmedia takes your privacy very seriously.

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At times we may be required by law or litigation to disclose your personal information. The content of this website is meant for the sole purpose of providing information about Cmedia products. If you are using a Windows XP operating system, then this is definitely what you need for your audio setup.

C-Media CMI8738-SX Audio Drivers Download

Contribute If the driver I provide you here was useful to you, and you want to thank me, there are several things you can do: The process is very simple and fast and anyone regardless of their knowledge level can get on it.

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It has a built-in earphone buffer and microphone pre-amplifier. As is standard practice on many corporate websites, Cmedia’s website uses cookies and other technologies to help us understand which parts of our websites are the most popular, where our visitors are going, and how much time they spend there. Uncompress the file with the with rar extension that you downloaded. I spent several weeks without sound, because the drivers were nowhere to be found either on my house nor the web.


Bear in mind that, even though other operating systems might be compatible as well, it is not recommend that you apply any software on platforms other than the specified ones. There are a number of situations in which your personal information may help us give you better service.

Because it helps us deliver a superior level of customer service.

Designed for audio cards built into all-in-one motherboards, the CMI was also intended for PC apps to fully display their audio prowess. For further information, check the developer’s website. It enables us to give you convenient access to our products and services and focus on auvio of greatest interest to you.

Instructions Install physically your sound card to your motherboard your computer needs to be disconnected. It is a small driver that thankfully, does not take up much space on your computer.

Driver C-Media CMI 8738 PCI Audio 8.17.40

Usually, Windows operating systems apply a generic audio driver that computers to recognize the sound card component and make use of its basic functions. A must have driver that is simple to run Piergagnon Coulibaly. To make sure your personal information is secure, we communicate these guidelines to Cmedia employees and strictly enforce privacy safeguards within the company. 838 website and its contents are c Copyright Cmedia Electronics Inc.

CMI driver for Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Uncompress the one that seems to match your audio card’s model number and operative system. Good web page and well considered explanations coupled with free download that is always available and has a speedy download speed so I am looking forward to seeing how it works. Cmedia website has links to the sites of other companies. There is no real downside to the site.


Doing a little more research, I found out that I didn’t have the drivers installed. Pixel tags also enable us to send email messages in a format customers can read. If, however, you prefer not to enable cookies, please go to www.

We collect information for market research purposes, such as your occupation and where you use your computer, to gain a better understanding of our customers and thus provide more valuable service.

A long while ago I purchased a soundcard because my motherboard’s default sound card stopped working. If you use a bulletin board or chat fmi on a Cmedia website you should be aware that any information you share is visible to other users. Complements to all involved in making such a great program work.

Driver C-Media CMI PCI Audio (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

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