Pretty sure it was with 3. The first draft 11ax routers are almost here. So, I’d like to: Any help is appreciated! The “Primary” controller is used to “include” all other Z-Wave devices into the network. Most Read This Week. Running the Network Optimization tool rebuilds the Z-Wave routing tables in order to optimize performance.

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Another powerful ThinkEssentials feature is the Disaster Recovery tool. I definitely wish I had known about the Leviton Installer software before! Let me start with the problem first and then see if anyone has had any luck solving the issues: I’m wanting to enable cohtrolthink support on my RT-AC53 router.

Monday, 21 April Most Read This Week.

Pretty sure congrolthink was with 3. During the installation process, the Primary controller assigns a common Home ID that is shared between all the devices in the network and unique Node IDs which identify each device in the network.


I have my adblocker disabled on snbforums. Have a look here. ThinkEssentials’ performance optimizer works by checking the signal strength of each device’s neighbors and keeping a matrix of the best path for routing to other devices. Can i use the backup cfg file created by RT-N66U or do i need to progr The “Primary” controller is used to “include” all other Z-Wave devices into the network.


We’ll show you why the “seamless” roaming Wi-Fi gear makers promise is still as elusive as a Yeti. The Disaster Recovery tool allows you to enter your old Home ID and then automatically attempts to locate any devices within range that contain that Home ID and include them into another ThinkStick.

So after you include all your devices into your primary controller, you can copy the information from the primary controller into a secondary controller.

For instance, the Disaster Recovery tool is limited to the information it can retrieve from your lighting devices. Smart Home, made easy. Device names and other information seem to copy over correctly. The ThinkStick supports both primary and secondary controller modes.

I did see your referenced post — I’ve been advised to try to downgrade controlthijk Z-wave firmware to 2.

Leviton ControlThink CTZUS-1EU ThinkStick USB Z-Wave Interface

Vera2 and Leviton ThinkEssentials Pro 2. I was able to interim fix this issue by adding a WAN It would be great if you could share how you did it in the past. Please login or register. That’s been a while.


Hi oTiSorry about the delay — just got back from a long trip. Updated – Our roundup of 2×2 Hi, I’ve searched the forum and the Internet for a resolution or even any information on getting these two systems to recognize and talk to each other, but to no avail.

We take a look at whether it means trouble for your 11ac network. I have not been successful with 3.

Leviton ControlThink CTZUS-1EU ThinkStick USB Z-Wave Interface – 868 Z-Wave

The first Z-Wave devices to show up on the market were lighting devices. With this software, setting up and configuring the devices and controllers is great and the ability to back up and save the configuration is great I have used this feature several times myself and it works great.

I have definitely had Vera 2 and TE talk to each other. A “Secondary” controller is a controller that gets its information from a primary controller. Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes when Wi-Fi devices roam, or more likely don’t?