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Reply With Quote Quick Navigation. The solution is to add a handler to AppDomain. EXE, because the location falls outside of the appbase. I’ve tried appending the paths of the AppDomain too using ad. The time now is Start controller ; I hope I made the situation a bit clear and that somebody has a solution. The assemblies are signed, for other reasons.

Need some help with creating an AppDomain in a plugin Reply Contact I believe this would be much easier to do if the AddIns directory was placed in the bin directory. Developing Multithreaded Applications Slow Chat: Here’s the relevant code from my TypeParserFactory that creates a domain and then loads a specific type – TypeParser – that is accessed cross-AppDomain in the parent domain:. Compiler” ; And the same applies if I simple add the assembly, Configuration. This method creates a new AppDomain and calls AppDomain. NET, including security, performance, hosting, base classes, interop, reliability, debugging, GC, and profiling.

EXE, because the location falls outside of the appbase. Sign up using Facebook. Remove From My Forums. Probably because you’re using a path when loading the assembly. Visual C General, AppDomain and reflection and “unable to cast transparent proxy”. Tuesday, August 29, So, assembly A is in the LoadFrom context. I don’t understand this, if I drop all the dependant assemblies into the VS installation dirC: As you can see the second value is coming from a totally different assembly.

Start controller ; The implemented method casts the the controller to the correct type and creareinstancefromandunwrap is where I get the “unable to cast transparent proxy” exception. I create a new AppDomain in order to load up an assembly process it and then immediately unload it along with the AppDomain.

Common Language Runtime Internals and Architecture. But the ClearShadowCopyPath looks for the assembly form parameter and typ it in its own load context, which cause that you cannot unwrap the instance, because source and target assembly isn’t the same. Wednesday, August 23, 3: Monday, August 28, 4: Policy not being applied to reference at this time private, custom, partial, or location-based assembly bind. A partially-specified assembly bind succeeded from the application directory.


Results 1 to 7 of 7. I’ve removed all references to the dll on my harddrive but still it persists, any idea whats picking up this strong name? I have tried your suggestion without success.

Unable to cast transparent proxy to type – Rick Strahl’s Web Log

These properties were Read Only, so to change the value, it’s needed to use a different constructor for CreateDomain. Not a common problem, but one that when it bites is pretty nasty to figure out because it seems so unlikely that types wouldn’t match.

You would have to subscribe to the AssemblyResolve event to resolve it. I believe that the problem is because of the addin is in the loadfrom context and CreateInstanceAndUnwrap is using the load contex. Any help would be much appreciated.

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If I break up the instance creation into 2 seperate calls I can see where the 2 logs are coming from System. Compiler” ; And the same applies if I simple add the assembly, Configuration. Another couple of tries reveal the problem however:.

Start controller ; I hope I made the situation a bit clear and that somebody has a solution. QuinStreet does not include all companies or all types of products available in the marketplace.

Don’t hesitate to rate my post. CreateDomain “Compiling” ; Configuration. I’ve looked at various articals and all use the example above or something similar.

However it is the call to UnWrap that causes the problem, it uses a different AppBase and also tries to unwrap to the strong named version which no longer exists!!!! The VS AppDomain cannot find the assembly: Thanks, Steven Hillaert Visual C If A is not available in the Load context, you’ll get an exception, even though A is already loaded in the appdomain.


Here’s what the viewer looks like:. This code is executed in the default AppDomain. CreateInstanceFrom and then use the ObjectHandle.

Last edited by ireland; July 16th, at To make it a bit more clear: I added a method like this to both the factory and the instance types and then compared notes:. Results 1 to 7 of 7 Thread: The assemblies are creteinstancefromandunwrap, for other reasons.

So, assembly A is in the LoadFrom context. Not probing location file: I’ve verified transpaent my code is good as these assemblies load without issue if I run this code from a test console application and not a BuildTask. Need some help with creating an AppDomain in a plugin. Delete the extraneous assembly which was left around by accident. Note that the classes must be either [Serializable] by value or inherit from MarshalByRefObject in order to be accessible remotely.

This is what Suzanne is referring to I think, the assembly first loaded is not the same as the assembly being UnWrapped.

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Assembly manager loaded from: This is actually the case above too: