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Whenever his fellow F4 members are in trouble, Song Wu-bin makes a call to his large network of connections so that the problem is quickly taken care of. Shocked and desperate, Seol-hee leaves home: Jung Jung-hwa Joint Production: The guy went all the way to freaking Australia to get her back! Yeon Gaesomun preys on Jang’s ambitions, and together they plot to save Choong from hanging, unbeknownst to the grieving So-hee, who believes he has died. She also becomes the step-daughter for Congressman Oh Byeong Tak, who later passes away from a mysterious accident.

Sang Eun and Yeo Joon are excited that the adults have bought into their fib and did not mention marriage to them for the first. She is both direct and manipulative; she has clearly laid her cards out on the table with Sang Eun and is not afraid to do what it takes to get Yeo Jun. The two of them head to a cafe together to draw up their fake dating contract. She always wants to carry herself with dignity, but she loses self-control when she is near gourmet foods. He has built as a tool of his father’s ambition. They would eat them up and spit them out for tasting so bitter. Thankfully he liked Han Ee-soo who had taken up her heart. I want more Hyo Eun!!

Although he is a cheerful and likable fellow, he tends to waste his time chasing after girls or playing around rather than helping out in his family business. Dramawiki A woman, Lee Yeon Jae, is given the grim prognosis that she only has a short time left to live.


Thus, Yeon Gaesomun, his allies and their troops enter the palace, launching a bloody coup.

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This character likes to be alone and has a bit of a strange personality. As the match progresses, she ends up fighting Yull, who is the master of the sword.

One day, the cat died. He is popular with girls due to his gentle manners and clean-shaven appearance. He is also very human; he gets jealous, angry and occasionally acts like an idiot, usually around Sung Eun.

How else would you have so many men around you? I mean the usually friend zoned sweet oppa or ex desriny trying to start over gets the lead girl or guy?

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. His trademark is his curly hair.

Soompi mods have already given warnings for thank you spams which wastes resources and actual server epiaode, so pls pm the user instead if it’s personal or a heartfelt thank you. A nervous Hae Sung brings a humongous blue bear to meet his daughter. Song Wu-bin has an innate sense of finances and is also a great fighter. And he has to be there to live with them.

And this to a woman? Do not post request for subs. Press Conference 22 Dec pics at page 49 5. Any complaints of the destkny companies such as Viki, Youtube, Etc. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Prior to his election, Kim Soo Young worked as a judge, but became pressured by higher ups and decided to enter the political world.


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This drama is about a man who lived with one purpose in mind: Are you the publisher? Embed this content in your HTML. Don’t post any requests for subs! The moment that made us fall for this particular YLS: At that time, Kangmo decided himself that, after growing up, he would build strong house which briquette gas cannot penetrate in. Ban Hyo Jung Supporting Cast. We will keep our fake relationship a secret from everyone. He often lies when he opens his mouth, but he is usually considerate to others.

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