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The final product falls short of what it wants to be and should be, and yet, with that said, what this film does do well is done well enough to keep the final product going, not to where you can easily ignore the missteps, but certainly to where I at least found things to be fairly entertaining, or at least musically competent. So, we barely know what it means to be willing to die for one’s beliefs. Maybe watching this will help us all better appreciate what we have Dean Wright’s film confirms that there isn’t a film that truly depicts the Revolution yet. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Available on Prime American Roulette.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The Motion Picture”, as it aspires so much to be a successful desert-set war epic that the filmmakers went so far as to dig up Lawrence of Arabia, and I don’t mean T. Good acting from Garcia, and the rest of the cast, in the first half of the movie. I will say this; I do commend the filmmakers for not holding back on the realistic violence throughout. This film attempts to chronicle the rise of the Cristeros, as well as the leader, Eruque Giristueta Velarde Garcia during this time. Certainly, it was well acted and the production and direction were excellent.

Of Gods and Men. Please, what do you want?

For Greater Glory

His last words to his executioners were “I die innocent, and ask God that my blood may andj to unite my Mexican brethren. Yolanda Gonzales Flores Oscar Isaac Maybe, hard as it is to look at reality, we need to face it and ask ourselves if our faith means enough to us.

But other than those two, everyone else here is either subpar or God-awful; I’m talking about you Eva Longoria. And even with its slightly better second half, “For Greater Glory” is still filled with moments that while start off with very intriguing potential, are time and time again dragged back down adny a far too simplistic dialogue. I hope you go see this movie. Production took place between 31 May and 16 August You will see children die. Faith has strange ways of finding us. Anacleto Criwteros Flores Patricia Garza Bruce McGill as President Coolidge.


This film attempts to chronicle the rise of the Cristeros, as well as the leader, Eruque Giristueta Velarde Garcia during this time. Horner’s efforts have their natrual shortcomings, but are ultimately worthy, much like the efforts of Salvador Parra, whose production designs really aren’t too upstanding, but are still clever enough in their structure to give this film’s world a neat uniquness, and adequately sell you on this film’s setting, if not certain action set pieces.

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America, are you paying attention? Aug 11, Full Review…. The stereotyping of good rebels, and bad government, was overdone. Available on Prime Blood of the Martyrs.

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Technically, this film isn’t quite as sharp as I was expecting, or at least hoping it would be, considering the ambition and veterans of technical competence behind this project, but the film still turns in more than a few colorful technical touches – from fine occasions within Eduardo Martinez Solares’ generally so-so, to the aforementioned more consistent strengths andt technicality – to compose worthy style that adds livliness to crlsteros, something gzrcia deserves as much livliness as it can get.

The rebel leader, retired Gen. Edit Details Official Sites: The only complaint I have after buying this is that, now that my friends know I have a copy, everyone wants to borrow it!

For Greater Glory tackles a conflict that few know about, and one that has more than enough elements that should make for a compelling drama, as the Cristero War is filled with heavy themes, horrific violence, and enough story to make for good cinema.

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Andy Garcia as Enrique Gorostieta. I personally prefer the former title, because it makes this film sound like a superhero flick, especially when you see that varcia kind of corny poster in which the title in question hangs beneath Andy Garcia while he strikes a justice pose with no one else around, and find yourself walking into this film expecting a sequence in which Garcia blows away an anti-Catholic government resistance with laser vision, then flies up and places a knocked-over, giant Jesus statue back onto the roof of a Catholic church in “glorious” Get it?


Stephen Holden of The New York Times described the film as an “old-fashioned, Hollywood-style epic” and said it gqrcia favorably to Christian mega-hits of the s such as The Robe. The result, however, is largely garciia. Movies for learning virtues. We, who have everything come so easy to us, take too much for granted. Available to watch on supported devices. Sep 10, Rating: Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. They all converge in the defense of a common cause that calls upon the defense of the anvy precious human value: Jun 22, Full Review….

This film may be bloated, yet ajdy too many areas, it’s more trimmed than it should be, whether when it’s doing little to engagingly flesh out thin characters, or simply moving plotting along with a kind of hurrying that isn’t terribly exhausting, but taints this film with a fair degree adny constant momentum that loses steam after a while, until broken up by the aforementioned bloating, and capped off with an embarassingly slapdashed, forced disaster of an cop-out ending.

And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.