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This aircraft was in serious need of some TLC; the crew were outstanding and did the best they could with this old bird. I disagree with the claimed 31″ of pitch on these seats. Standard Economy Rows Yes, this plane has less padding on the seats, yes the seats do not recline, but the less noise, deplaning out front and rear of plan, plus carry-ons stowed below for you, not to mention free beer and wine with a cookie that granddaughter loved was great! The seats don’t recline there is very little padding and very little legroom. Seat 10 A is an Economy Class seat with a restricted view from the window due to the wing and engine. It’s bigger than the one on the CRJ, but there is no sink or running water. The restroom is in the front so you don’t have people lined up next to your seat waiting to use it, not to mention the odors that typically emit from it.

These two seats are next to a part of the protruding bulk probably from where the wings are fixed. Do you know this plane? Propellers are aligned at about seat row 5, so it is noisy in this row, particularly in the window seats. Luggage compartment is also shallow and seems to be no more than 16 inches deep. I had the window seat near the end of the plane. Liked it better than the ATR as the plane is quieter,more comfortable and the flight quicker.

Do you know this plane? Close to the engines, so dont pick this one if you fancy a quiet ride. Try to limit fluids while on this plane! So, we’d seattguru this plane for this distance and time always if we could!

Sit near the back, away from the prop engines, and you’ll enjoy seatgguru quiet. This was my first and last time flying in a prop plane!

This aircraft has one lav and don’t be surprised if there is no water; only hand sanitizer.


This is THE most uncomfortable, noisy plane I have ever been on. The tray table is in the armrest, making the armrest immovable and slightly reducing seat width. VERY noisy seats at the rear of the aircraft are weries quieter. Air Force, taught prop engines and she found great comfort in seeing that beautiful new prop pull havilladn to our gate! Had to sit for a 2 hour flight with my feet on the carry on.

Great view of the wheel and wheel assembly. Although this aircraft has a 2×2 arraignment, the Q offers ample headroom compared to other regional jets thanks to its taller cabin design and offers leather seating as well, however, none of the seats on this aircraft recline.

Alaska Airlines has several of these aircraft gavilland their fleet, including eight in special color schemes featuring college athletic teams. First to enter and exit the plane. Also, being a winter flight and being at the very front near the exit, it got rather chilly. United Airlines has 2 versions of this aircraft. Please enter a valid email address.

de Havilland Dash 8-300 (DH3)

They are comfortable and should stay in service for many years to come. I found it much quieter and than other Seeatguru 8 style aircraft I’ve been on before AC Q comes to mind, a shaky, noisy mess. Flybe offers food and beverages for purchase on all of their flights. I’m 6’2″ lbs mostly muscle and sat in the aisle seat.

SeatGuru Seat Map Qantas Bombardier Q (DH4)

Great, the overheads were roomy and easy to place other items. Lots of leg room. The best seat I saw was 1C, the guy in it seroes completely stretched out with nearly unlimited legroom. Passengers seated in Plus will get advance boarding, first access to overhead bins, and complimentary food and beverages selections vary.

Standard Economy Rows And Horizon does hacilland impeccable service. Often, for weight and balance, passengers may be asked to change seats once onboard the aircraft. Would certainly not recommend paying extra for any of these four seats.


Bombardier Q400 (DH4)

I enjoyed the comfort, and i was used to swries comfort of Alaskan Airlines. The further forward you are, the quieter the aircraft. If Delta can fly E on this same route, so should Alaska. Often you are de-planed out the back so you are first off.

The seats don’t recline, but it surprisingly wasn’t that bad- it doesn’t feel bolt-upright like most other airline seats do when not reclined- they were actually reasonable comfortable to sit in. The other seats further back have plenty of room, so I suggest taking one of those. It is narrow at 17″, but that seems to be the normal now. Fast, decent comfort, roomier cabin than a CRJ, good sized, well placed windows.

Noise was not as intrusive at rear of plane; in fact, I left the plan not deatguru half deaf havillnad a change. Flew on this plane in August of This 3-class version seats a total of 71 passengers.

Recliner First Rows I spent the havillanx on for the westjet premium seating, there is no additional space between the seats and the center armrest is only an inch and a quarter wide. DO NOT under any circumstances sit in the last row. Needed to store my carry on under my feet which did not fit under the seat. This seat may have extra legroom due to the positioning of the bulkhead. Please choose the correct version from the list: Leg room is decent.

It’s our dh-8 to serve you! No room to stretch out. If anything I had less legroom than other seats.