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March 12, at 8: Los Angeles, CA Watch: The ferrous nature of steel components in movements is another way in which magnetism can cause an adverse effect. Find More Posts by radrak. I have an Android, but I just downloaded a Gauss Meter app, and confirmed that my watch affects it. Jun Real Name:

Find More Posts by kilyung. Steel retains magnetism even when it has left a magnetic field, causing any steel parts to create their own magnetic fields. Archimede Pilot 42H, Chr. The sound goes something like “woooOMP”. In case of the Omega it is the proof that what Omega does makes sense. If you want to know if your watch is magnetized or not, the easiest thing is to measure its accuracy using the Toolwatch watch accuracy app.

Or am I missing something? This should be enough to remove the negative effects of magnetism.

Additionally, if the watch was submerged in water and water is floating around inside the case, the watch will require immediate service in order to prevent rust inside the watch.

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I bought one so that I can do it myself. I think that did it. Need help to know how to demagnetize a watch movement, please I may be leading you down the wrong track but I have heard that the hair spring can get “tangled” and this can lead to symptoms you are experiencing. These have been around forever, so you have a choice between many different kinds.

Move the watch from side to side to listen for the rotor, and to insure that the rotor is not hitting the caseback. But now two dwmagnetize them are fantastically accurate! June 6th, 8. June 6th, 7. Magnetism being present in everyday life poses no real threat, but it can affect our mechanical timekeepers, causing rather unwanted reactions.


If the hairspring is magnetized, its coils might stick together and slap against each other as they unstick, which would be apparent as erratic timing traces.

November demagnetlze, 7. Last edited by sduford; June 6th, at November 25th, 1. If for some reason the watch is dropped and either the crystal breaks, or the watch runs slow after being dropped, the rolrx will require an immediate service. Be Social With BeckerTime. November 25th, 5.

Three ways to demagnetize a watch (including one tip using an old TV!)

To use it, hold the watch an inch over the center of the unit, press the ON button, and keep the button depressed as you slowly move the watch away from the unit. If it is the only case, what good is the app? Above you a screenshot of my iPhone 6S. The sound goes something like “woooOMP”. These parts will cause erratic timing, and some of them—like steel hairsprings—will have calamitous effects. I was thinking of picking up one of those watch demagnetizer you see online and giving that a try before I take it in to a service centre.

If a watch is slow, at night when in bed, place the watch face up on the night stand and see if it speeds up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

As this happens to me frequently, I ordered now a demagnetizer as well. A watch can be regulated by leaving it either face up, face down, on it side with crown up or down. Tried the app and already found a magnetized watch in my collection again. The one you have, Elma is not available here. Then, while still pressing the button, raise the watch straight up at least 12″ then shut off power.


Omega speedmaster, speedmaster pro, universal gene, several, movados. Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet. Exclusive edition of 60 movements.

Inexplicably, my anti-magnetic tweezers occasionally get magnetized.

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Despite certification and precision, every mechanical watch is subject to magnetism, gravity, and motion. Seems like the less expensive watches were not magnetized. Try moving your arm or body past a wire connected to a sensitive voltmeter David,if you have any magnetism you should generate a voltage in the wire. Depending upon the manufacturer, watch companies recommend watches be serviced every 3 years IWC or every years Rolex.

If you want to know if your watch is magnetized or not, the easiest thing is to measure its accuracy using the Toolwatch watch accuracy app. Now put your watch about one centimeter away from the sensor the visible waatch without having it touch the screen. My kobold has been gaining 10 min over a week. Last edited by nymfan; June 6th, at Alexander, Thanks for the response.

Magnetism is a plague. And once you have your pocket watch, it rplex share a pocket with your smartphone. Its effects depend on demagnetlze magnetized part and where it is in relation to the escapement.