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Tony Hawk’s Secret Skatepark Tour Digital Skateboarding – Everyday For some reason on that one try it had an insane glitch from right before he popped until right after he landed. When we made it to the hotel, I went to the bathroom. Officer Minnick Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Here he had a line where he nollie heelflipped off a ledge over a grass gap then frontside flipped into a switch manual across another ledge. Transworld – Let’s Do This! Toy Machine – Suffer The Joy

I had a line I wanted to try so we start going at it, things were feeling good and then one try the board just got away from me and nailed the cam real good. Pig Wood – Slaughterhouse Crimson – Bleed Skateboarding We put together potential contract offers Baltimore Ravens. Dance Floor Scene Jasmine Ransom City – What the fuck is a Bachinsky. What are your most memorable days from filming this flick?

Fourstar – Super Champion A Happy Medium We went on movke and night sessions, getting as much footage for the video as we could.

DGK – Parental Advisory skate video soundtrack – Video by Brad Rosado, Randal Kirk | Skatevideosite

Eina Zdvisory Company – Ahoj Eina! Habitat – Inhabitants Mini Stevie Asap Yams Emerica – This Is Skateboarding The night began when the first person I saw was Bay Area hip hop legend Too Short — and that’s a great sign that the night would be good.


Place – Issue 6 For different reasons Derrick Wilson and Keelan Dadd both had a lot to live up to but they certainly met expectations. Adidas Europe – Diagonal The coffee had messed his stomach up.

All City Showdown Seattle 7 Krooked – Krook3D Those kids represent younger versions of the DGK team. Globe – United By Fate Episode 4 They all skated and already had the background that represented the film correctly.

Blueprint – Lost and Found Search for ” Xdvisory Logic – Issue 10 Trauma – La Vie En Carton Alis – Who Cares After my first trip out there I was already thinking about what tricks I would get the next time I went.

Looking back, I doubt there will be many nights like this again in skateboarding.

Digital — Invasion Plan B – Superfuture Tony Hawk’s Secret Skatepark Tour 2 Osiris – Never Gets Movei Grip tape girl Arienne Marie Gachupin Black Rabbit 3 Habitat – Austyn Gillette: Reell – Here We R Bronze Hardware Exclusive – Solo Jazz Stereo – Way Out East! Meter Maid Josh Kim Zoo York – Mix Tape 2: Toy Machine — Brainwash LuVideo Mag Issue 3 I think Daughters had this idea for a few years that the video should be focused around the team as if they were mini versions of people on DGK.


dgkk Drug Packer Waymond Lee Black Label – Label Live Fallen – Ride The Sky Woman in Line Alie Craig He was trying these crazy manual tricks and he had already filmed one banger, but while he was filming the second one, he started freaking out cuz he needed to take a shit super bad.

Almost – Cheese and Crackers. Element – Elementality Vol 2 Place Skateboard Magazine Issue 10 Emerica – Kids In Emerica Expedition One – Hello Hello Hello Adviosry Mode Army – Man Down