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Hope you enjoy this season! Season 5 will start just as soon as all the mods are ready. I am sure you will be getting more subscribes with all these new series, especially since your now working with Luclinmcwb and docm77 etc. For those new to the series, I play on ‘Forgecraft’, a Minecraft Modded servers where many of the Forge mod developers beta test their mods prior to release. Minecraft Forge – v3. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Was watching SlowPoke’s stream earlier.

Season you soon in season 5! Save Area Button Checkers. Greetings from Brazil, Dire:. All support requests should be posted here. I can’t wait for season 5. Awesome first episode Dire! If you need to post an error report, use spoiler tags please.

I’ve posted the world download as of the moment before the final episode, so you’ll get to enjoy the world and all the toys. Installation order of the JAR direwplf20 is: Season 3 Server Play details below. Finally some season 5 news! All support requests should be posted here.

Season 4 – Episode 76 – Direwolf20’s Minecraft Lets Play

D Because I end up My world downloads will also be available through the launcher very soon, but until then, I’ve put the world download on my thread here below. Greetings from Brazil, Dire:. Steves Carts – 1. I’m privileged to play with some of the modding community’s best and brightest!!


I am running craftingtableII as well as minefactory Check the spoiler tag below for the download link and instructions for use.

Season 4 Episode 76 Direwolf20 S Minecraft Lets Play – Бесплатно скачать Mp3

They are for new-installs only. Especially all the Redpower 2 goodies. MultiMC – A better launcher for Minecraft. I will not create a mod pack. Sesson only discuss the lets play series itself. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site.

Save Area Button Checkers. Check it out here!

Season 4 Episode 76 Direwolf20 S Minecraft Lets Play

You’ll want to download the version named: Season 5 will start just as soon as all the mods are ready. Im so excited for episode 2.

Support about his let’s plays ONLY! Probably about 1 per day, though don’t expect that frequency of XMas weekend: Mods Folder Equivalent Exchange v1.

Just go get the mods yourself, and use my config files. Woot for the FTB team! Did you backup your. Mystcraft will work with all the mods in this thread, however, there is one important issue to be aware of. Encoding, editing, uploading, etc.

Season 4 – Episode 76 – Direwolf20’s Minecraft Lets Play

I can’t promise that I can help troubleshoot any issues you have. You may see unreleased content in these videos, and some of it may receive balance dirwolf20 before going live. Also, it wuold be great if any admin could move this to the top so everyone reads it! I’ve been having some troubles with them and I think its just where I’ve been getting the wrong update. Minecraft Forge – v3. Awesome first episode Dire! Keep up the good work direwolf! PneumaticCraft Drones Tablet Direowlf20 If we keep doing it, then the Admins of Minecraftforum will lock this topic!


Just create them the same way I episoe and you’ll be ok. Also, we may run into the occasional bug, but that’s how beta-testing goes! Error messages can either be PMed to him or to anyone else, there are lots of places that accepts Minecraft error messages to help everyone!

Was watching SlowPoke’s stream earlier.

Below is the video showing how to install the mods for Season 5 of the lets play series, using the FTB Launcher.