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Yes every single actor was amazing in this grief-stricken, gut-wrenching scenes. Plus she must have known it was just a matter of time. Thanks again for the weekly fix! Then fade to the present day visuals, without sound. That boy is so strange. Walt was seriously humbled in this episode. For its 65th anniversary, TV Guide picked “Ozymandias” as the best episode of the 21st century.

You are commenting using your WordPress. That boy is so strange. Walt rehearses his excuse before calling Skyler to tell her he is going to be late arriving home. Has anyone given any thought to this? This is how a final season should end bringing bangs everywhere to the table. Jack executes Hank, and Walt collapses to the ground in despair. Start your free trial.

Not so lucky this time. I think Skyler knows this is goodbye too, and despite everything, I think there is some part of her that is saying goodbye back. I do think she must have still loved Walt to go along as much as she did, even as she hated him too.

Mike is the one who was pushing to kill Lydia, first because she tried to have him killed, and later because he suspected her of attaching a ozymandiae device to the barrel Jesse went to pick up. He is completely broken now. I am also obsessed, and am having trouble focusing on much else but BrBa.

I have not been able to bring myself to rewatch this episode yet. His foundation family has just been shattered. They show Walt from behind as he starts the call, and when he turns around, he does seem to be all Heisenberg with the vicious things he says to Skyler. Also, something has to happen to make Walt take so long to decide to do this.


Jesse is definitely receiving punishment for his crimes. Who else besides Tuco said that and is dead now? A flashback to when Walt and Jesse first cooked methamphetamine on the Tohajiilee Indian Reservation shows Walt calling a pregnant Skyler and making up an excuse for why he’ll be late coming home.

He did something that I wish people could understand more, cold, hard, logic, without any emotion attached to it. izymandias

But that might be too fairy-taleish. And then Jesse gets in the red van headed for Alaska. I watched this twice in a row adn cried both times. He must need the ricin for somebody else, and my guess is Lydia.

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But for Walt to free Jesse I feel that Walt must be dying as it episodee. This site uses cookies. At present in Tohajiilee, in the aftermath of the shootoutHank is immobile because of a bullet in his leg, Gomez has been killed, and Jack ‘s gang is left unscathed. Thanks for dropping by Tucker’s Hole!

I keep flip flopping too about how Walt will treat Jesse or if he even epislde back for him still leaning towards he does but so episide. Why would Walt kill her? And the innocents — the Jessies, the Skylers — I think they go. Walt spots Jesse’s hiding place and betrays him to Jack, reminding him that the hit on Jesse was never carried out. A lot of us thought Walt would fake his own death to help him get away.


At the moment when the name Dean Norris would epiaode appear, the camera shows Walt looking at his own reflection in the rear view mirror. The final shot of this scene, after the Uncles of Anarchy drive away, is the same long shot of the desert used in the fade out and fade in earlier.

Sherman Yellen for “John Adams: Like we can predict anything anymore….

Episode Review: Breaking Bad, “Ozymandias”

Is it me or was Todd almost just a little…gentle when he was taking Jesse up the ladder? He offers up all his money in the desert. Two and a half hours to showtime……….

Initially I was surprised that she would acquiesce so quickly, but I think that seeing her sister being so self-assured and confident convinced her that she was being confronted with the truth and the game was over.

He looked up to Hank so much, and believed in good guys and cops and DEA agents as heroes. Trivia Series creator Vince Gilligan said in an eoisode that, “Ozymandias is the best episode we ever have had or ever will have.

Walt fakes his own death? It would save them a lot of time of which they have so little left compared to trying to depict how Jr. I love how it all ties up.