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I don’t want to talk about it. You always knew who Duke was. I have to go where the story is. She knows about me and Liam. How do you respond to those who are saying you’re just pretending to care about these issues, so you can win? Then I hate you both!

I’m a proud gay man, and I am in love with Shane Harvey. That juice truck was a drug front. You said that we can get through anything. And then I sobered up, and I knew I made the biggest mistake of my life. People want to be your best friend. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

I-I vouch for her. I have to say, I saw a lot of amateur art today, and yours was the most amateur. Why does it always feel like you’re pulling away? Karma, can we please just talk.

Busted – Faking It S02E10 | TVmaze

I need a little bit of time to smooth things over. That juice truck was a drug front. Young lady, I need you to step back. We don’t know any Republicans.

The Inspectors 2×10 Faking It – ShareTV

What did she say? I love camping too. I just need some stupid touchy-feely issue to get votes.

Don’t eat that homophobic sandwich! I promise it wasn’t so you’d get back together with me or iit. I know I would grow as an artist. If you back out, you’re cut off for good. How are the signatures going, Wen?


Don’t tell me that it represents your journey or some of the bs you think I want to hear. A true artist has intention, so tell me what you are trying to say with this piece.

And not in the mood for your crap. Campaigns really consume your life, but my schedule has cleared up as of late, and I’m ready to eat, sleep, and breathe this election. After that, I’m leaving with or without you.

Faking It (2014) s02e10 Episode Script

Till this is sorted out, everyone who sold goods from the truck is a suspect. After this, you’re done with the art nonsense. I have a warrant for your arrest for the sale and distribution of illegal drugs. The seasoj said that someone we know called in a favor to the attorney general. Is that real enough for you?

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Now that we know you can handle it, we’ll send you to tougher schools. My point is, you 210 always fantasizing about meeting your prince charming.

fzking You said that we can get through anything. Whenever something terrible happens, you make French toast and talk like you’re in Gone with the Wind. I can’t; she hates me, which is why I need your help.


You got the charges dropped. Do you want this back? Oh, whatever’s going on, I don’t think she’d want me involved. And I just got our first polling data. That hit me right here.

Ex-girlfriends but, yeah, I knew you were bad news, Theo. You want to end up in jail with the rest of them? Wait, no, I didn’t do anything. It hurts my heart, but as far as I know, I’m running unopposed.

I thought we were friends, and friends don’t arrest friends’ girlfriends. Are you the proprietors of the Good Karma Juice truck? I know how much swason love chocolate chip. You’re angsty and emotional, and you can use it in your art. Karma might be too. I know that we’re over.

Hope you’re not representing yourself in court.