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But he went to Cibona and was not the first or the last of Croatian athletes that was used by the new Croatian government in ‘marketing’ purposes. Very sad in the end, I’m quite sure that everyone from the ex Yu got idea of how strong could we be in all sports, during the movie and those scenes of crashing everyone during the EC in Zagreb President of the KK Partizan — While he stopped performing any official functions at the club, Divac continued to be involved with it in a lesser capacity for a few years afterwards. D but you’re not smart enough to do even that: Retrieved April 21, Only days before the draft, animosity between head coach Karl and the team’s star center DeMarcus Cousins reignited, as Karl reportedly lobbied Divac, as well as multiple players on the Kings’ roster, in order to make the case to owner Ranadive that Cousins needs to be traded.

What most surprise me in this movie is that I got picture that Petrovic was one that arouse this saga, especially after the statements of his own mother. Or will lead to it. Kings cap strange summer by signing Kosta Koufos”. Writing for the Slant Magazine blog, Jason Bellamy summarizes Once Brothers as an intimate tale that paints a vast panorama, but sees its long intro as necessary because “a good number of average [American] sports fans might not even remember Divac and Petrovic, and even many legitimate NBA fans are unlikely to know much about that duo’s European careers, not to mention the outline of the war in the former Yugoslavia”. They should have included Vrankovic as well was it really his decision not to? Any one catch this? During that period, individuals who were acting against the unity of the Kingdom were assassinated. Retrieved November 5,

On and off the court.

Majka Dražena Petrovića: “Moj sin i Divac su bili veliki prijatelji”

Rights were granted on the basis that both were anti-fascist movements that fought occupiers, and this formulation has entered the law. The exact number of victims is not known.


The government ostensibly feared lack of control over the influential daily. Jutarnji list in Croatian. Divac and Vladde documentary which is gearing up to be a classic one. I’m sorry but it’s a fact. Very sad in the end, I’m quite sure that everyone from the ex Yu got idea of how strong could we be in all sports, during the movie and those scenes of crashing everyone during the EC in Zagreb Besides that is the fact that they were all the same, they built that identity together and developped together, and for obscure reasons, they were forced to cut contacts.

In Octoberright after ending his playing career with the Los Angeles LakersDivac got hired vlxde the Lakers’ European scout, reporting directly to the team’s general manager Mitch Kupchak.

Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Those who refused were shot. They also publicly announced the strategy to achieve their goal: Retrieved February 4, EuroLeague’s 50 Greatest Contributors Between andCroat authorities deported Jews from throughout the so-called Independent State to Jasenovac and shot many of them at the nearby killing sites of Granik and Gradina.

I’m not sure about the credibility of the portrayal of a relationship between two guys in a sports team, especially when one of them is very much dead while the other one is very much alive. The main difference between Ustashi and Cetniks is ideology.

Retrieved September 24, In rump Serbia, Germans proceeded to round up Jews of Banat and Belgrade, setting up a concentration camp across the river Sava, in the Syrmian part of Belgrade, then given to Independent State of Croatia. Americans know the way of producing It’s different because croatian people cheer Nazis when they came in Zagreb, while Belgrade streets were vlaxe when they came.


Of the number of Serbs who died, estimates tend to vary betweenandPlayer shooting history I just finished watching the documentary divcw it was worth every single second. I credit you though: Archived from the original on November 7, Player stats broken down into various categories; i.

The New York Times. The entire messy affair caused great friction within the Serbian governmentwide speculation about corruption, resignation vladf the Securities Commission chief, and even a police investigation.

Majka Dražena Petrovića: “Moj sin i Divac su bili veliki prijatelji”

Damn that was really good, caught myself tearing up during the last half hour. The number of Jewish victims was between twenty thousand and twenty-five thousand, most of whom were murdered there up to Augustwhen deportation of the Croatian Jews to Auschwitz for extermination began.

Imagine if Yugoslavia never broke up and Drazen never died in the car accident because Croatia would have never have had their own NT therefore they wouldn’t have had those games that caused Drazen to hurry Anyhow, it’s crazy to think that guys like Bodiroga, Stojakovic, and Danilovic would have been on the bench because the starting lineup would have been Divac Radja Kukoc Petrovic Djordjevic: I must have it in DVD or download Working alongside the team’s general manager Pete D’AlessandroDivac’s initial duties with the Kings were reported to be advising the front office and coaches as well as assisting with branding and fan outreach.

Double standards are obvious.