Golf Talk [Episode ]. I like the sound modern drivers make also. While most of the shaft is painted a dark silver grey, the top five inches just under the grip is painted blue and separated from the grey by a painted yellow shaft band simulation. Your email address will not be published. But unlike square and scoop-crowned drivers, the GeoMax comes with a much more traditional shape. These clubs are fantastic.

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Tour Edge Bazooka GeoMax Game Improvement Irons Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

You buy a driver to play the best golf you can… the greatest distance with the greatest accuracy. Reading the review, I was interested in your comments about sound. I particularly like the shape of the head, especially in this day of extreme designs. I agree that Tour Edge makes fantastic products, and for anyone wanting pro-line quality without the pro line price, Tour Edge is the number one option.

Tour Edge Tour Edge Bazooka Geomax Drivers

So, while they have created a premium-priced line of clubs under the Exotics moniker like the Exotics CB2 3-wood we recently reviewed heretheir core line of clubs under the Bazooka designation are solid, playable, affordable sticks.

A square face generally gives the appearance of a slightly closed face and this was true here. Bazloka crown is a deep iridescent blue.


Overall a very good club. As a bonus, the fairway woods have relatively loud Carpenter steel faces that boost my sense of power too. It took maybe five seconds to adjust to it. While I might favor black, this is a very attractive color choice that is subtle enough not to be distracting. Notify me of new posts by email. The alignment mark on the crown is the Bazooka logo: Went to a demo days looking for a driver.

Sound is very important—like the old school wood sound…. The XLD had neither of these.

Further contributing to the high MOI is a gram tungsten sole weight placed as far back from the clubface as possible. It looks good and does the job for those who like an alignment mark. I give up bazokka over my other bxzooka. I gotta say, dollar for dollar this is the best club I have ever bought. The life time warranty is great, I have used it several times already. Recently I have re-visited Tour Edge drivers.

If you need straight, this is your club. Bazzooka how your comment data is processed. Share this with your golf buddies: When I first tried it, I almost rejected it after one swing simply because of the sound. I have to swing as fast as i can to get it to go straight and no matter how hard i swing i have never managed to slice it. But after playing with it for a while, especially after hitting some very good shots with it, my perception of the sound changed.


Your review title You must enter a title. From the very first hit my love affair with Tour Edge was re-kindled. In fact, most players would benefit from less spin with their driver… not that these grooves will create much, if any, spin.

Today’s Golfer

This has spawned numerous attempts to create big name drivers with high moments of inertia for optimum performance on the course. Sound is so important, and as bazoo,a know, the club designers know this and put great thought into it when they design a driver.

From time to time I do balloon one, but I will take a dead straight lob at over a crooked drive every day of the week.

In the address position it presents itself as an almost traditional driver shape, despite bzooka fact the rear edge has been pulled back away from the face.