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Many times it’s just a rambling and incoherent mess without a point in sight Minami soon realizes he may have gotten more than he bargained for. Books by Midnight Eye Re-Agitator: Minami mistakenly kills a gangster associate of his named Brother. So what were they? Seven years later, and Miike has directed another straight-to-video film.

A big collection of films that might be considered as strange, mindfucking, surreal and weird. But when the colleague unceremoniously disappears en route, the trip that follows is a twisted, surreal and horrifying experience. Basically, a Yakuza is told to take his yakuza-brother Sho Aikawa to an out of the way part of Japan and get rid of him, as he been showing signs of going a bit loopy. Minami as Hideki Sone. Started out with a big bang so I was really pumped to explore the rest! Nothing appears to make much sense after that, either to the viewer or the protagonist.

Best perhaps to say that Gozu is a fever-dream set down on celluloid, and leave it at that. Minami goes off on a desperate search, but a flat tyre gets him stranded almost immediately.

Dieses Ausbleiben einer befriedigenden Antwort auf das Gezeigte, fasziniert mich bis heute. As for myself, I sat through the thing yelling wtf every now and again. View All Critic Reviews GOZU is interesting in that the “horror” of it comes almost entirely from the way it is filmed – the camera work, the editing and the sound effects all come together to create a sense of foreboding and fear that for the most part is not at all born out by the actual events in the film. Takashi Miike has made so many movies and I’ve only seen a handful but each one I’ve seen feels like a journey by the end, whether I enjoy it or not.

It’s a mix of these two elements that is at the heart of the proceedings, which more than once seem suspiciously Freudian; the actual descent is mogie Minami’s own subconscious. Takashi Miike is one sick puppy. Synpsis couldn’t say which scenes they are from a first viewing though, so there’s nothing that’s truly redundant in there, and I hope that the US distributors that recently acquired the film will remember that their viewers would rather make the decision themselves about any scenes that weren’t needed.


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Sonst fragt doch den Wetterbericht. Edit Details Official Sites: The Cult Movie Challenge Week 2: Regarding fairy tales, if del Toro is the voice of disobedience, then Miike is the incoherent screams of dementia.

Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth. Hideki Sone’s performance as Minami isn’t poor, it’s just Minami as Hideki Sone Kimika Synopsiw There, the fate of these two follows a twisted synopzis filled with violence, mother’s milk, synopdis locals, and ultimately the disappearance of Ozaki’s corpse which Minami now desperately tries to recover.

Almost as soon as the murder takes place, the body of the deceased man is gone, prompting Minami to conduct a search. Movie Info Minami, a young yakuza, is asked by his gang boss to kill Ozaki, a soldier within the organization who has become a liability, but who once saved Minami’s life.

To make matters worse, everybody in this particular suburb seems to have more than a few screws loose, from the cross-dressing coffee shop owner and the American sake vendor who literally reads his Japanese lines from cue cards, to the autistic innkeeper and his excessively lactating yes, one of those again sister. Not scheduled to hit Japanese video shelves until two months later, Gozu found itself in the Director’s Fortnight section of no less an event than the Cannes Film Festival in May of Starting ostensibly as yet another Yakuza movie, it takes a major turn into the surreal very soon into the story.

When Ozaki interrupts a gang meeting to voice his concerns that the diminutive Chihuahua staring through the window has been sent to kill them – and then proceeds to take some drastic security measures against the fluffy canine – his boss decides it’s best to get rid of him. Jonathan Hutchings Super Reviewer. Makes little sense on paper.

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There is really only one reason that I chose Gozu as my film selection for the theme of birth. But that description really sells short the content of the film, which is really about the strange characters he encounters and the even stranger experiences that he has. A conflicted yakuza is ordered by his superiors to dispose of his immediate boss, who’s gone insane, but when the body disappears in a strange town outside Nagoya it becomes unclear who’s actually the crazy one.


The new script was produced in two weeks; and much of the dialog, particularly for pivotal scenes, is completely improvised.

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It was originally planned as a straightforward action movie intended for the Direct-to-Video market the Original Video market, as is called in Japan, does not have the same stigma of poor quality attached to it as it does in many other countriesbut it Miike found the screenplay was far too ambitious for the budget. Be the first to contribute! Yakuza junior member Minami is ordered by the head of the gang to take his increasingly erratic and unstable senior member Ozaki out to a remote location, where he can be disposed of by an allied “cleaner”.

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Director Takashi Miike found the result interesting and displayed the cards for a simultaneously eerie and comedic effect. Synopwis up to date with the latest and best in Japanese cinema. However, it actually makes sense with the knowledge that nearly all the characters and events which take place after the arrival in Nagoya are based on events and figures from Greek and Japanese mythology; and that the entire story represents Minami’s sexual awakening, and his coming to terms with both his homosexuality and his love for Ozaki.