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Unable to understand city life, he thinks your friendship as love. He contacts her and they both fall in love, but little does he know that he was talking to Why not tell her? This damn society will not spare if it finds me alone. Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde 7. Not he but she! No, shop is closed.

Did anyone call on phone and abused you? Love must fail, if it doesn’t fail, it’s not love. Not confidence but goal! Tell him to come, pub is all ours, let’s rock it. What an handsome man! Remember your class room, recognise me. Edit Cast Credited cast:

You’d appear before me, right? Come to resort, let’s talk over drinks. He won’t recognise you, right? He’s within metres from me. Today is very special day for me. Don’t you know my name also?

Purse is in pant pocket. Long relationships are falling through, what’s a week compared to it? Who lives according to expectations, dear? What’s your fantasy in this? Why should l come between you both?


How can he not run after robbing?

Gundejari gallantainde full movie in Amritsar

Why are you telling me this? Tell me, who did this with me? Till then, sleep well! This damn society will not spare if it finds me alone. Varun Nithiin is a hippie vagabond wandering in Spain. Do you know who they are? Are you married, Karthik?

You didn’t meet her, right?

How can l shift to you after loving her? After searching for her he gets her number from a friend.

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Tell him to come, pub is all ours, let’s rock it. Come, l was waiting for this moment. You’ll get her anyway, why don’t you help me also? How well she has arranged it? Why did she kiss me then?

Freshers Are Also Welcome. Did you drink to blabber on phone?

Shruthi who made me fall in love in first sight. What if you fall in love with her?


Gundejari Gallantainde Full Movie

Swamy Ra Ra Bloody bitch, l’ll call her right now. He poured scotch whisky and lit fire to it. You don’t know what ends and when! That’s what had happened, sir. Did he get into trouble because of me?

Should l say okay to whatever you say? Did i know it then?

Karthik always gets me into trouble.