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Th-thank very much, Kurogane-sensei. Somehow, you’re looking worse and worse. Log in No account? It’s a huge state of emergency. Well, then I’ll listen to you after I get back, okay? What isn’t going on in LJ-land these days The maid outfit was vetoed by Prof.

My brother let me wear this. Your IP address will be recorded. Sakura, called by Himawari, takes a step in Sakura: It’s a magical world The days are just packed. I want some too. It’s not that anything happened, but there’s something on my mind

Talking is great, but we’re supposed to be studying. Log in No account? Yup, I translated it. It feels like the whole group is headed toward Syaoran en mass Syaoran: Chocolate is the weapon. Outside On campus Sound of the students’ voices around campus during the lunch hour can be heard Syaoran: The only things that weren’t specifically mentioned in gakkuen drama were that Syaoran is in the soccer club, Sakura and Himawari are both in the figure-skating club, White Mokona is “girlish,” and Black Mokona is “boyish.

Just like my brother! He’s quiet as contrasting with his little brother.

Please go with Doumeki-kun. Do you want to eat lunch together? It’s the day before Valentine’s Day and the exchange student is looking puzzled about it for some reason. I’m sorry for bringing up such a strange subject when you came to have lunch with me. They’re called “stacked boxes. It’s a magical world The days are just packed.


Since your trxnslation is an archaeologist and you’ve traveled with him to a bunch of different countries, we thought you’d know.

Horitsuba Gakuen 03 translation Jan. The sound effects and vocal inflections were also taken from the script. He’s trying to bring his little brother and Sakura together.

Though, I do think Be With You Scans may have released a scanlation of it; transkation group was trying to do all the mini-comics. The bell to signal the start of class Himawari: It can be untied immediately, though– Shaoran: It’s really okay, so go ahead.

Oh, it was nothing. XD That’s the Shaoran I luv! This is an emergency situation? The names in the Horitsuba drama cds are given like this: Now that you mention it, where’s Prof. Ttanslation finally removes his hand Phew!

translation: Horitsuba drama CD 1

bakuen Earlier, I heard about Valentine’s Day from Kurogane-sensei. Don’t call people like they were dogs! No, I was able to ask about the thing that was bothering me.

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At first I asked the Mokona, but halfway through Fay-sensei showed up. Can you please tell me which was the translitteration of the Japanese title if it’s not a problem? That’s no- Fay covers their mouths Fay: If it bothers you Then later on, Kunogi-san told me that girls stake their lives on it. Syaoran-kun, you’re sure to receive a translatioh too. Syaoran-kun said he doesn’t understand anything about the Japanese Valentine’s Day.


Somehow, it just seems really awful Have you gotten any? The cover is a wraparound image of the Tsubasa group and the xxxHOLiC group goofing around in the nurse’s office, with Fai measuring Kurogane and the xxxHOLiC kids playing with the optometrist supplies.

Did you trip and fall in some spectacular way!? By the way, tomorrow is February 14th, right? For the record, my listening comprehension horigsuba dreadful ; luckily, someone decided to include the script in the booklet, so this translation was done from that.

Even//Starr: Horibtsuba Gakuen Drama CD’s

Besides, I’m the classics teacher and the chairman of the board. That wasn’t New Year’s food, was it, wholly all the more! You’ve gotten to be good friends with Watanuki-kun and Doumeki-kun from Class B too, right? Could I talk to you for a minute? After all, there are some who stake their dfama on that day.