Peirce Williams for sharing their stories and knowledge with me yesterday — It was a day I always remember. Lake Hopatcong Classic Boaters. To learn more about F. Shooting race boat demonstrations from a fixed position inside a race course can be described as short periods of excitement with long periods of waiting for the next group of race boats to gather on the course at once. M andatory drivers meeting at 9 AM in the vintage pit area. Click here Hydroplane Quebec – lots of Valleyfield photos and video. But today, to show our appreciation for the contribution that Howie Benns made to unlimited boat racing and the contribution that F.

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Sunshine, flat water and spending the day with the great thunder boats and their royalty. Thanks Texx, it was almost the same! Our visit to Lake Dora yesterday began with a short one-hour ride from Daytona Beach through the Florida countryside where we arrived in Tavares just before lunch. Since our on-water time for Vintage is limited, invitation will only be sent to 7 litres and GP boats.

Here is another Tex at Seattle Gold Cup. Howie Benns, the world champion, and amazing sportsman liked the work immensely and congratulated our men and John Russo the owner of Palm Beach Customs.


Cool day Texx, but remember, you are more famous than those guys in Woodyboaterville. For our APBA vintage race boats, it is the chance of a lifetime to run on the historic Valleyfield course. For almost four hours we shared some wonderful stories of boat racing and motorsports, and although F. Peirce Williams, one of the top motorsports photographers in hyroplane country! Click here Hydroplane Quebec – lots of Valleyfield photos and video.

Howie Benns

After finding a parking spot we grabbed the camera bag and made our way into the busy race boat pit area, where the boats were being prepared for the benbs runs on Lake Dora. The Boston Red Sox have a winter training park here. Click here for maps and driving directions – MapQuest.

Click here for more information. Also one of the most renowned recreational activities in the area is the offshore boat racing. Lauterbach 5 Litre Hydro. Sebastian Loeb at the… well you get the point. He was a very popular Grand Prix driver in Quebec and won the Valleyfield race three times in, and Lauterbach Grand Prix Hydroplane.

Saturday At The Classic Raceboat Association Spring Thunder – A Day To Remember

I would like to know how many Unlimited races Howie Benns won during his career. MikeMbwnns up for a race of the Arabians? A few minutes later Bennns signed a media waver, had a special wrist band and was instructed to make my way down to the dock and they would arrange for me to join a professional photographer and another fellow who would be driving the photo boat.


Remember meeting him in Port Carling, he was so excited I had come up from Atlanta to the spring tour to see Miss Canada.

I always used to wonder why they named those boats brnns brands. I hope they were honored to meet you! Email Id Send Mail. Probably the best driver of all http: Because of the World Championships and all the “regular” racing scheduled, water time for Vintage will be limited at 2 days.

Harry Volpi’s Driver Decelerator [] – Howie Benns Saved

APBA vintage safety inspections. This story really got me going on a Sunday morning. The crowds in the grandstands are huge and loud, and they know and love their race boats. A note to all participants!!! We have an excellent team and provide customized boat lettering for an howi advertising campaign.

Mario Andretti at the Chic Fil A? Thanks for the sunshine.