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She thanks him and says you unburden my burden today. I love your show so much so much a rzoo and sahir is hot very interested in this show can not wait until monday. Zeenat is pretending to be in coma still. He says his eyes will be on him. She told that you are feigning to be in coma. She calls him a loser. Sahir gets a call from a stranger. Arzoo asks are you fine?

Ameen 21st Feb – 4: Later he comes to Alvira and Zaki and says he wants to thank them. Vivi 19th Feb – The goon asks him to go inside the room and refuse the deal. Arzoo says but once something is broken, signs remain on it. She told me that you returned the factory land. Vikram smiles and calls his goon asking him to release Anam.

Vivi 23rd Feb – 7: She has mentally lost it. This channel doent air in India it only comes in Pakistan So saddd we cannot watch It on tv. Roma 20th Feb – Zeenat says so you are saying, I am cheap girl.

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Sahir says he got to sleep in the office with her for a night. Sign in Recover your password.


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Zaki says he got to know that Arzoo went with Anam. He says I did this because of you. Sahir says he can do a mistake, but is not stupid. Vikram says constable is lower position.

You never loved Sahir. Humwafars man is shown, probably Vikram. Later he comes to Alvira and Zaki and says he wants to thank them.

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You did which she never expected. Arzoo says she is kidnapped.

He says now I wants to go away from you. I will give my life for your life. Sahir reaches there and opens the rope. You insulted and provoke me. Sahir says if Arzoo gets even a scratch then I will not spare you. ACP comes there and says he knows about the cebruary and it seems she knows a lot about Humsarars. Roma 24th Feb – I waited whole day and night yesterday for this update. Zeenat says then who is that man who planned my accident.

Sahir asks what is the guarantee.

SBB Bana Prachi Ka Humsafar!! – Swabhimaan – 18th February 2017

Last updated Feb 20, Zaki says he talked to Nawab Saheb and convinced him to invest in our project. Page 1 of 1. When those promises going to fulfil? This is getting very interesting. She asks how did Alvira reach here with a guarantee.


He humeafars what will happen to my promise. He asks what do you want? Eplsode have to do something about her. Anam says he might went for a meeting. Alvira says how dare you come infront of me. He tells Arzoo that he have to deposit crores by tomorrow else everything will be finished. She says she will come to him once the man is caught behind her accident.

She asks her to help her.

Vikram says Sahir cancelled the deal as per my order. Anam says only he can be trustable in this house. Aakash 19th Feb – The show is going off air peope?

He says he mailed a video and asks him to check.