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Click here to login. Inside the hotel room, Shalini, who didn’t had any job to do, switches on the TV. Abhay tells Shalini that he always had a dream in his life to come to a place like this, and to watch a sunset with his girl. The Sand castle created by Abhay and Shalini is washed away by a big wave. Looking at him, Jahnavi starts laughing. Shalini is from a lower middle class family who works as a school teacher and Abhay is a TV journalist , Abhay makes a false news against her and makes her lose her job, he realizes the mistake and helps her in regaining the job, during this process they become friends and Abhay falls for her simplicity and straight forwardness he falls in love with her Shalini says she has always seen him as only a good friend and says she has no special feelings for him. But, Abhay asks her to think positively and see the sun as a person who is tired of whole day’s work, and is going to his house for a rest. She talks to herself and apologizes him for not being able to a wife for him, and by his goodness and sacrifice she is feeling small day by day.

Abhay then continues by telling that she was engaged with her cousin, but he ditched her for a Christian girl. Shalini agrees with her, but Abhay tells that, it is not good for health to drink coffee with thick milk. She continues her blaming and asks Shalini’s mother to send back Abhay and Shalini by evening. First, Abhay starts talking after drinking that juice. Even Shanthi too insists her to go with him. Shalini goes with Abhay as a pillion rider on his bike. When asked, Abhay’s mother, Shanthi lies to her friends that Shalini is not at home.

This irritates Shanthi and makes her angry. Shalini’s mother takes Vaishnavi to an orphanage.

When they both leave, Shanti prays that, let her son be as her son when they return from the trip. Abhay’s father explains Shanthi that she is just concerned about the cost of the saree and is not at all bothered about the love that is hidden behind this saree. And even some times, he looks as a small jothwyali.


He then asks Shalini that, if he comes back will she leave Abhay for him. They become friends and Abhay proposes her, but she refuses.

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Will Abhay eventually wins her over with his true love and his everlasting flamboyant attitude? Ranjit discusses with his father about the starting of a new political party. By hearing this Shanthi gets annoyed, and blames Shalini that she should not have come outside till her friend’s are around, and this humiliated her in front of them. When asked, Abhay’s mother, Shanthi lies to her friends that Shalini is not at home.

Abhay prays to Lord Krishna to keep his and Shalini’s relation eternal. She wakes up and walks before the Episdes idol and prays him to hothe her bad memories. He tells that he loves her very much, eipsodes tells her that if all the heart beats as ‘lub-dub’, his heart beats as ‘senior-senior’ every minute. This makes Shanthi very happy and she then tells Rajashekhar that she wants to wear it.

He then leaves the place. This irritates Shanthi further. Abhay then requests Ranjit to meet his newly wedded wife. Fyll father, Rajashekhar brings a new sari and shows it to Shanthi.

Shalini agrees with her, but Abhay tells that, it is not good for health to drink coffee with thick milk. But, she tells that since it is the first time, she want to watch the movie with all the family members.

He also requests God to make Shalini accept him by the time, they leave that city. Shalini then asks Abhay to go and take bath. He asks her not worry about the money as they have come out for the first time in their life. Then they both go to watch the sunset. After a while, Abhay comes back to Shalini’s mother’s house where fu,l was waiting for him.

Upset by this, Abhay follows the auto-rickshaw and requests the driver to stop and allow his wife to come with him. When Abhay runs a fake news against Shalini and later realises his mistake, he apologises. Stay tuned for more.

Jothe Jotheyalli

Everybody appreciates the coffee, but Shanthi tells that coffee is quite watery. Abhay consoles her and asks her to be happy as she just looks like a 30 year old lady.


Abhay and Shalini are discussing about their proposed Europe trip. Shalini, with the effect of juice starts telling the truth about her life. Shalini tells Abhay that, she tries however hard he still appears like a small boy and she is not able to consider him as her husband. She says, she was a normal girl and didn’t had any big dreams except that she wanted to do a PHD.

Jothe Jotheyalli – | Watch Jothe Jotheyalli (Kannada) TV Serial Online | ZEE5 | (Drama, Romance)

Shalini too listens this. By this, Shanthi feels discomfort and asks Shalini to go inside the house. He tells him that he has decided to invite all the elite intellectuals to his party, and planned to do all the discussions at a resort in Kerala with those likeminded people. Both Abhay and his father get irritated by her extra caring behaviour, and ask her to give space to the newly married couple.

Abhay takes Shalini’s hand with him while they are sleeping, a hesitant Shalini does not wants to hurt Abhay’s emotions but she feels that what she is doing is not at all right.

At home, Shanthi was angry and upset with Abhay for not making the phone call during their trip. Abhay then asks about her imagination of a life partner. In his usual irresponsible tone he says no. After several requests, finally the driver agrees, and requests Shalini to get down from the auto.

He further tells that he can’t live without her. In the early morning, Shalini asks Abhay to meditate while sitting in the garden. The officer in the orphanage asks more detail about that kid. He then asks her to suggest any alternative place. When asked, Shalini tells that she added water to the milk.