The opponent is then lowered while being held so that the opponent’s head is hanging between the standing wrestler’s knees. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Piledriver. It is also considered an automatic disqualification in professional wrestling matches held in Tennessee , as the move is banned in that state. A piledriver is a professional wrestling driver move in which the wrestler grabs his opponent, turns him upside-down, and drops into a sitting or kneeling position, driving the opponent head-first into the mat. The act of performing a piledriver is called “piledriving.

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Cheerleader Melissa performing her Kudo Driver Back-to-back double underhook piledriver finisher on Wesna.

tombstone piledriver GIFs

Piledriveg wrestler then jumps up and falls down to a sitting position, driving the opponent down to the mat neck and shoulder first. A Texas piledriver refers to belly-to-back piledriver.

A wrestler first stands facing an opponent and places their stronger arm between the opponent’s legs and their weaker arm on the opponent’s opposite shoulder. Also, try variations of lifting, such as lifting them off of something.

Also known as a kneeling reverse piledriver. He continued and finished the match, but stayed away from the ring for two months to recover from the injury. This article has also been viewed 64, times.

Wrestle Kingdom 12 thrills This move is used as tombstohe finisher by Tony Nese. Help answer questions Learn more. Then the wrestler stands while the opponent is in an upside down position while both the opponent and the wrestler’s arms are still hooked.


Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Fazer um Golpe Tombstone Piledriver. In a match between Owen Hart and Stone Cold Steve AustinHart was to perform a seated reverse piledriver on Austin, who later said that he was not sure if the move was a good idea to piledricer as he was unsure if his head could properly be protected.

If you want to have a go anyway, you should try sit out piledriver, in which you fall to a sitting position while keeping your knees slightly bent otmbstone supporting your opponent’s shoulders with your thighs, so that his head, residing in between your tombstond, never meets the mat.

The wrestler then drops down on his knees, driving the opponent down to the mat head first.

10 greatest super-finishers in wrestling history

This move was popularized by The Undertaker and is often used by his kayfabe pioedriver Kane. They then lift the opponent up on their chest so that they are facing downwards. Warnings Only attempt these moves in a controlled environment. Facing their opponent, the wrestler reaches between his opponent’s legs with their right arm and reaches around the opponent’s neck from the same side with their left arm.

Also, you should never hurt your opponent on purpose. Put your hand under your opponent as if you’re gonna pick them up in a horizontal movement. Thanks for letting us know. A wrestler faces an opponent and grabs the opponent’s waist and turns them upside-down, holding them belly-to-belly against their torso. The cradle piledriver is a variation on standard piledrivers which sees the attacking wrestler grapevine the opponents leg with their arm.


Jumping is optional to maximize damage. If done in this manner, the pileddriver receiving the move will land with little or no contact made with the mat at all and thus not run the risk of injury. The impact jammed Austin’s neck and left him temporarily paralyzed. Drop to your knees so that their head doesn’t smash down on the ground: A variation of the Spike piledriver where instead of dropping to a sitting position as in the basic Texas piledrivertombetone wrestler drops to a kneeling position.

Jumping Spinning Tombstone Piledriver – GIF on Imgur

The wrestler pilsdriver stands up, lifting the opponent until they are upside down, and drops to a sitting position with the opponent’s head between their thighs. This move was used by Scott Steinerwho called it Steiner Screwdriver. The wrestler then falls or jumps to his knees, driving the opponent’s head into the mat. A spike piledriver can refer to either jumping piledriveraided piledriveror kneeling piledriver.

Kazarian performing a back-to-belly piledriver on Shannon Moore.