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Mystery, action and a touch of romance in the story to spice it all up. Billo Rurouni Kenshin is really great: Yeah, in that VN chit got real, but Isayama was called out for idea plagiarism quite early into SnK’s run, a few years back. Plus I am not into writing synopses and reviews, I was never good with things like those. All the way I thought that you had finished Darker than Black. I know i am not the biggest anime fan out there, i even like them in english:

Why don’t you just watch it episode by episode online somewhere? Did not expect them to be there. Fhcker was so cheeky Chit is going to get real next week. What anime shows are worth watching? It’s not bad thing, but he isn’t outstanding in that respect. To tell you the truth, I have been waiting for my exams to be over for the sole purpose of watching Aria series first. You’ll see what I mean soon enough.

bueznakla: april

Although the bad thing is that we do not get to see a proper ending. But I think that maybe you had put it on hold for a while. To anyone else watching Shingeki IF you didnt feel anything in at least one of these three scenes you have no soul.

Mafuyuu and Chizuru are plain epic!!! I want to watch this anime I wake up and read this It get’s lame and boring, the anieultima was so-so.


Wait for the School Days translation by Sekai Translations to be completed and play it, you will love the Visual Novel more than the anime. Adding a little bit of story after years where most of our supporting young heroes are anmeultima or something like that would’ve been the best way to end it.


Our purpose The reason I’m reviving this concept is because I’d like to be able to watch an znimeultima and then discuss it with the other members of the forum.

Legend of the [fa]Galactic Heroes. He lives in a house full of spirits alongside his grandfather who is the leader of the youkai.

Lol if you men the whole thing for download then probably not, but it’ll be out by the time you finish S1 I’m sure. Also, another anime that I will finish today is To Love-Ru. If you liked Final Approach or Rec then I guarantee that you will love this anime.

I’d give it 8. It would be so much easier.

From the start till the later-mid of the series it was good but when you get to know about what Proxies or Proxys’ are and about Vincent and his melancholic life etc.

You mean it’s way better without those PHAGGOTS nomsaiyan Better without the loli but I miss the lulz they bought Step ahead of you see you never again yea i miss seeing little boys posted by them owait i dont jk the phaggots are just not posting which is good.


If so any reviews? I’ll force the SysOps’ to make the Anime mod just for a while. Will still watch if they comeout with a second season though. That said, it’s provocative and heartbreaking and dreamlike.

Kampfer download mp4

How about we both report eachother and see who gets banned first? The lady brains behind FMA liked the variation and ending suggested by the director, so she let them go ahead with it. Sometimes it gets laughably cheesy but that’s the point “oh Moka Try gintama,the best comedic anime there is. And when you do, you are madly in love with them. Chances are slim to none. Good news for Neon Genesis Evangelion fans, I read this today and was really happy: But her fight with the silver-eyed king was really good.

Great read bro, glad to see people like you around! Story was interesting but it was hard to catch up with it because of the random timeline. Yeah well, that is your opinion if you did not like the concept of the “Angels”.

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