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The second question for the Gov- ernment Is tbe strength of its indus- trial relations legislation. Th e Transport Department Is considering four options: The associa- tion is controlled by a majority of Conservative councils and at the conference there were bit- ter complaints over the hous- ing situation, again from solid Tory authorities, mostly in the south-east. The Government’s proposals follow publication of an inde- pendent report earlier this year which showed that tenant sat- isfaction with their local authority landlords was higher than had been expected. Members of the fttfa financial services union walked out at centres control- age pawtanere are better off than they have ever been. X Tore -elect Dtreaocs. However, Minorco con- firmed that it voted against the motion in respect of its

The secret of its success was the Freestyle, one of the test sports shoes designed for women rather than men. The danger Mr Lawson now faces is that of overkilL Steep, prolonged falls would have damaging effects on confidence and economic activity and, perhaps more cyni- cally. The need is to find ways to make good housing available to people on low incomes, and to make sure that houses are available In the places that people want them. TSstaireitO 7 In addition to the separate bargaining units for diffe ren t grades of staff. His opponents want a formal commitment to continue settle- ments, something bitterly opposed not just by the Pales- tinians, whose support for the peace plan Israel la seeking, but also by tbe US, the main broker between the two sides.

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They say they cannot afford taking on properties that have no chance of selling. She broke the code of silence supposed to bind mis- tresses of important Japanese. SLrident Castro has implacably this pressure, choosing to clean bureaucracy rather than reform ft. However, it does not take much to move Etam shares, said dealers, and the price may well have been dri v en higher by short prenfare in the mar- ket There mu farther selling hwl both Bacal Telecom, down 37 at p with 2.

Under Hrl Ministry re form guideUnea, there will be more emphasis on.

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A mother of three chfidren, she novie a quirt life in rural Nii- gata until she was persuaded to go into politics two years ago. Berisford is now much more secure than in when Associated Brit- ish Foods abandoned Its bid. Viatnam accepted a law months ago that volunteers should ba rapatrtatod but only T42 have so for returned from Hong Kong. Officially there is no drugs problem in Cuba. Turnover was lower than cm Thursday but still fairly active at DM53bn. Scot- tish and Newcastle and Trust- house Forte also saw activity.


Royal Ordnance refused to say how many jobs had been saved at Blshopttm but Mr Ian long, Scottish Industry Minis- ter, welcoming the announce- ment, said would be saved.

Almost ail tha remaining BjrMje atam M fAM res Both parties have refused to publish the report. I1 76 54 Continental Europe outper- forms In the second half, it will be tbe first time since that their international assets have outperformed tbe benchmark.


Kawa- saki Steel rose Y10 to Y, with 7. More and more people began to feel that only a powerful army leader could take the politi- cally sensitive decision to abol- ish sharia. Unions behave it could be Or stick with an active decision to deviate from the benchmark?

Kanhx are wholly dependent on the wholesale markets for funding and so under pressure when interest rates are high.

UN argued it should be able to buy the stakes at prices, only a fraction of cur- rent prices. He Bvus with his sec- ond wife two children in the hflls outside Frankfort and keeps bis home life thoroughly private.

Instead of accepting this number, the Government is expected to deride on a selec- tive passport scheme for proha- My no more than SOOJttD peo- ple. The strongly regulated language is learned by rofe wtth Ifttle room far variation. The sector is very frag- mented: Dealers seemed relieved when recruitment agency Seed Executiv e posted a 14 per cent fall in profits far the S3 weeks to the end of March.

Tbe Dow Jones Industrial Average, which opened higher and hov- ered there for the first 15 min- utes of trading, plunged head- long Into bearish territory. The first option, therefore, is for the Government and the corpora- tion to prepare for a long battle with the of the unions deci- sively. It would require separate industrial relations machinery for efl fh of the fire sectors. According to Berisford, the problems stemmed from a property downturn in Manhat- tan. The danger Mr Lawson now faces is that of overkilL Steep, prolonged falls would have damaging effects on confidence and economic activity and, perhaps more cyni- cally.


Mr Greystoke will be chairman and chief executive. Whether it can Influence the course towards Emu or even manage its own monetary pol- icy more successfully than it has in recent years, without a more plausible commitment to entry into the exchange rate mechanism, is doubtful.

movid If, as some economists believe, indi- viduals aim to accumulate some pre-deter- mined level of wealth, rapid house prices rises also meant less saving was needed to meet their target.

Gen Ochoa whs for two years the chief of the Cuban team of military advisers to Nicaragua.

Scottish and Newcas- tle preliminary move. The upward momentum erf the market was strenthened yesterday by news that Brazil, one of the few sources for white sugar outside the EC, Is to suspend all sugar exporrt contracts signed between and because It considers the sales to be highly damag- ing to the national interest.

T hey are – just – as confused as everyone ctoe,” said Ms SuUivan. This typical portfolio mix should have pro- duced mogie ffran benchmark returns, given the broad mar- ket and currency factors at work in tbe fitst halL Leaving aside currency fac- tors and concentrating an local currency performances, it is clear that the upward trend experienced worldwide in has continued into While some of tbe minor markets would have provided relatively good returns, the World ex US showed a loss in dollar terms of 49 per cent A poor showing compared with a domestic mar- ket gain of High a l 4.

Silver was Arm, following gold and as traders continued to cover spot July positions. Among the concessions, the Government has agreed that the banks will avoid the need to raise fresh capital by keep- ing the loans off their balance sheets. Profit-taking in the steel sec- tor continued, with Hoesch off Koren, or 5.