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Read More 2 suspects arrested over Borella traffic OIC hit and run accident released on bail; the son of an SP attached to VIP security division who drove the ill-fated jeep remanded Posted on Monday February 25, 2 suspects who were arrested following the hit and run accident which caused critical injuries to the Traffic OIC of Borella, IP Ananda Sagara Sarachchandra have been released on bail today. Sri Lankan television series s crime drama television series Sinhala-language television television series debuts. The camera also performs a praiseworthy task taking in the glamour of the rural scene with vast paddy lands etc. TikTok Sri Lanka Bukiye fun LakFreedom Media make no warranties, representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy, merchantability, quality or fitness for purpose of the information and data contained on this Site. Mini Gan Dela Teledrama.

Hindi and Tamil Songs. Punchi Walawwa Sinhala Teledrama. It was gaining the Eksath kamkaru pakshaya to the side of the leader of the opposition party to win the general election. The usual odd jokes in all Chandrasiri movies are quite welcoming and they maintain the freshness of the stories. The case is settled by Anjana and both Jehan and Priyantha are then released without charges. Priyantha starts living with Jehan while being a partner in his business and they quickly become good friends.

Murthi Awata Passe Teledrama. Lakai Sikai – Chamara I didn’t came out of the theater crying as some of the kaviys promised, but I did came out thoroughly satisfied. Rama Seetha Ravanaa Teledrama. After doing movies like Saroja, Punchi suranganavi, Suriya Arana etc, now the director has done his first periodic film Siri Parakum. Thawa Durai Jiwithe Teledrama.

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Mage Sanda Obai Teledrama. Jayantha Chandrasiri’s movies depend highly on the performance of the actors.

In the case of this young woman too, only the cleverness of the artist who changes the looks of the actress Himali Sayurangi into someone entirely different from what she really looks remains akviya important factor in bringing out this particular role effectively. It is a cause of human atrocity how the elder sister with none of these problems and is engaged in a job in the city treats Pokutti with extreme arrogance and indifference. Because the creators couldn’t pull out the great battle scene between Parakramabahu the second and Magha.


Awantha and his friends beat teledrsma up. To the maximum permitted by law, LakFreedom Media excludes cazt liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from using this site and any information or material available from it.

If to say simply, Jayantha Chandrasiri is one of the best out there. Oba Ena Thuru Sinhala Teledrama. Having found out that the nurse had been only an innocent victim of a Casanova of a son-in-law, he sympathises with the nurse.

Who knows, maybe we are witnessing the next Kemadasa in the making Later jehan reveals tiran that he is the one who killed Austin and also serves to barrel sunil. It is mainly this last factor concerning the main character of the drama being one with no personal attraction that makes it outstanding vis-a-vis any ordinary drama where the leading female character is one exceptionally attractive.

The priest makes the point briefly without unnecessary frills together with a little reproof also to all and sundry in the village who had used to treat the young woman with contempt purely for her looks. Akuni being a clever girl is even compelled to hold a rehearsal of the impending award ceremony even dressed in a suitable outfit.

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Isuru Sangramaya Numbaa Teledrama. Member feedback about Duleeka Marapana: Early life Yureni Noshika was born in Sri Lanka as nu,ba only child in the family. New funny Tiktok collection If you get too close to it you might accidently touch it, which will damage it’s sensitive wings hence causing it’s destruction. The drama ends when the two young couples happily settle down in Sri Lanka after their marriage and Professor Randeniya returning back to London solo to his job bidding good-bye to his wife and the children.


He strictly put down the rule of getting in through the rear door and alighting at the front. He becomes very famous. Hiru Sandu Adarei Teledrama. Sumathi Awards topic Sumathi Awards Sinhala: It can also be twledrama else that enhances the value of a person and thus determines their future as well.

Index of Sri Lanka-related articles S topic This page lists Sri Lanka-related articles with titles beginning with an alphabet letter Akviya.

Awantha is abusive towards Samalka, who in turn dislikes him. The use of music is also brilliant and clever.

Saki Sanda Suwaris Teledrama. Member feedback about Deweni Inima: Her hidden fortune surfaces when a young man staying in the village temple called Bandara hears her reciting poems when he goes passing the river.

Her role played as the presenter may seem unbelievable, yet is only explained by the well-known literary principle that there can even be extraordinary character traits in certain people which may appear to be strange at a glance, but is quite natural as such behaviour patterns can occur even though rarely. Raised Christian, she studied at Methodist College in Colombo. Jehan tries to talk to Priyantha when he is in prison but Priyantha now is too brainwashed by the party officials to talk to Jehan.

He also went behind the camera to create some teledramas. If you are the copyright owner of any of those video clips and you wish to remove a video hosted by any of those video hosting sites, based on copyright grounds, please contact those sites to remove a video.

Badly injured, Jehan is hospitalized and the situation makes both Hiruni and Jehan closer together. The awards were first introduced in Priyantha gets brainwashed by the party officials. Lakai Sikai – Hutaapataa