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Member feedback about List of anime distributed in the United States: This episode is set up as Quiz Show, recapping from the start of the story to now. Sana’s Stage Volume 2″. Nobunaga Shimazaki The male protagonist is a student in his first year of high school. When everyone sees the Hayamas off at the airport, she yells “I’m going to stay a virgin so you’d better not cheat on me! Daiki Nakamura as doctor ep 68 policeman ep

Her friends get very mad, and create an outcast of her. Regardless, Sana gets Tsuyoshi to pull down Hayama’s trousers, at which point she takes the photo. Staff aired from April 12 to June 28, Sana tells Asako about Rei’s past and Asako realizes that Rei is the man whom she dumped in college after making a decision of whether she wants to become an actress or stay with Rei. The boys and girls of Class 3 battle it out over after-school cleaning chores. Riho seems to be nice on the outside but has ulterior motives. Kenji Akazawa Yasunori Hayama.

The main character is Utena Tenjou, a tomboyish teenage girl who was so impressed by a kind prince in her childhood that she decided to become a prince herself, expressed in her manner of dress and personality.

I know I wrote some reviews, finished reading a couple books, and drove a mile round trip to visit some relatives, but I c Staff aired from July to September The tabloids have been printing that Sana and Naozumi are going out, which her friends all believe. Shelf Life – Metal Mania Nov 23, The fake sana sends letters to past directors and englisb. The Rose of Versailles — Revolvy Brain revolvybrain J.

Sana’s book hit the store shelves, but Mami wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the book. Member feedback about List of anime distributed in the United States: She has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of anime and video games.


Answerman and the Masters of the Universe Aug 1, Sana cheers her up a bit and explains to Sicil why she shouldn’t be so selfish and spoiled about such a reason. Member feedback about Descendants of Darkness: Zed Tanaka-Sensei Professor Stewart. Yoshikazu Nagano as Director. While Sana and Misako remain optimistic, Rei faces greater obstacles as Sana’s manager.

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Harumi Ikoma as Fuuka Matsui eps They believe that they are being targeted. Hasty Oct 23, It’s the first day of middle school, and Sana meets a new girl, Fuka, in the bathroom. Login or Register forgot it? Hamilton then makes an appearance for the first time. American television executives Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American business executives Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Voice directors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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Sana then puts off the book until there’s only about a week left. Meredith McCoy as Jackie O. When he is mortally wounded by a bounty hunter coming after his guardian Yukihime’s life, he discovers that he has been made episove an immortal vampire by Yukihime, who is actually a year-old vampire mage Evangeline A.

Episoe is extremely upset about this, but Sana tells him she’s mad also, but not to worry about it and keep filming. Revenge of the Anime Nerds May 20, They escape and have fun at a theme parkbut Sana’s face remains masklike and she passes out when they go to stay at a hotel.

Thus, Hayama leaves to find Komori. The draconian laws that are still in place make the school even worse, which punishes even the most minor infractions with a stay in the school’s prison. Greg Ayres as Tsuyoshi Ohki. On Disc at Amazon. Her friends get koocha mad, and create an outcast of her. Views Features Reviews Columns. Shueisha franchises Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Japanese idols in anime and manga Revolvy Brain revolvybrain School life kodofha anime and manga Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.


Where can I watch Kodocha online in english dub?

We published Kodocha and Marmalade Boy, but they didn’t even let us renew those licenses and don’t want to give us anything else anymore. Hayama and Sana share their first consensual kiss. Djb Obana thanks her hard-working sister. The Dark Side of Dimensions Sana is surprised to find pictures of Asako Kurumi in the box.

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Sengoku 2nd voice; eps Prof. Member feedback about Waiting in the Summer: Angiolina Gobbi as Terence 2nd voice; eps Jamie Marchi as Ayumi ep They start to brawl, but Sana threatens to release the picture of Akito if he fights back because Sana insists violence is not the answer.

Coincidentally, Sana is doing a movie with a similar plot where she plays a little girl, whose mother got terminally ill after giving birth to her, and Asako plays an older sister who is abusive. One day, strange floating beasts appear in the sky above Japan, and conventional weapons are useless against them, until seven men and women transform into powerful weapons and destroy them.

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Komori stabs him in the arm, but then breaks down and is willing to return with Hayama. Naozumi is assigned a new manager ‘Riho’.