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Be My Lady philippines Episode King Geunchogo – Episode 7. Home Drama List King Geunchogo. Watch Episode 31 Sub. King Geunchogo – Episode 9. I actually feel confused with Yeogu decision. Watch Episode 16 Sub.

By Mariposa28 Started October 27, Watch Episode 52 Sub. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Report to us if you see wrong video, broken link or subtitles out of sync! Why the nephew and not the son? Watch Episode 2 Sub.

Seems like everyone here prefers Hongran to Yehowa. I just saw the birth of the 2 princes.

Posted May 1, As for the romance with Jin Ah Yi, the future queen they have opened the possibility of really like for both of them with the fact that right now he feels pity for her because he sees her loneliness and sadness because she is not liked by the prince who thinks of her as a puppet for her family and a weapon against the crown in terms of power play. Watch Episode 8 Sub. Sign In Sign Up. I am getting annoyed with kiny over this. I feel for the mother as right now it appears that she is very ill and the reunion with her son may give her hope as well as renew her relationship with the king.


Watch Episode 1 Sub.

Report to us if you see wrong lorean, broken link or subtitles out of sync! By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, As far that I understand Gobi already involved in the political fight once he become the Queen son.

Posted April 30, Finally the king — Such a quandary to discover that the son he thought as dead and korexn as his to be alive and in order to protect him has to hide his identity with exception necessary few for now. Watch Episode 50 Sub. As far as I know in history Gobi is really the Queen son King Geunchogo – Episode 8.

The Baekje betrayer Sa to me is a spy for Baekje until they are ready to tackle Guyergo which works for now though I think their crown prince is still suspicious of him and rightly so.

Watch Episode 21 Sub. In Korea, Yeohwa is hated by the fanbase for being a fictional character. He towers over everyone in the drama.

Dolce Amore Episode I guess its to be expected since this is not adocumentary. Watch Episode 26 Sub. As I remember, after her brother’s death, she swore to take the throne back to her clan, and make her nephew be King.


Watch Episode 7 Sub.

Episode #1.52

But epiisode show is getting more interesting! Watch Episode 56 Sub. Description The story of King Geunchogo, warrior king of Baekje. King Geunchogo – Episode 3.


I wonder about the other prince how this drama will settle about him as finally Gobi is the one who become the crown prince. Home Drama List King Geunchogo. King G unknowingly lost his son because of that because as you know the nobles are not noble. Running Man game Show Episode Watch Episode 23 Sub. Watch Episode 41 Sub. Watch Episode 38 Sub.

Watch online King Geunchogo – Episode 51 (EngSub) – Korea Drama |

By 0ly40 Started September 27, Be My Lady philippines Episode Watch Episode 55 Sub. This is suppose to be Baekje’s glory days. I do not speak or read Korean but being a k-drama addict gives one the advantage of draka the gist of the show, either some or most of it.