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Stay well in the army and come back greater. JDJ approved political scheming because he could not just watch the political situation, but kept feeling conflicted. She killed herself to convince Bang-ji to go save Sambong in episode Kiara April 15, at 5: A very important point for me is this: I hope Yoo ah-in comes back from the army and does like a rom-com like Song Joong-ki

I expected a more reserved, still intelligent, yet distant young Lee Do. Looking forward to her new movie, acting alongside 3 great film directors. We thought GTM has to be the talk of the town by the episode 4. I can’t believe we’ve finally made it to the 50th episode haha. It actually took over years to finally acknowledge his contribution In that sense, thank you Heads for ending your last recap with the last glimpse of Bang Ji that we were allowed to see. Contohnya dalam beberapa episode, Inge kerap kali bertanya kepada minipao , kalau ditelusuri kepada kenyataan yang ada entah sengaja atau tidak minipao tersebut ada satu korelasi dengan sosok imaji dari Tiffany milik Shilla yang konon telah menemani Shilla semenjak usia 4 tahun. I particularly loved the part when BJ lost his sword and MH flipped it back to him.

Hey Ddoldam Behind The Scene 9. I find the pace of it extremely slow and the power struggles are o childish. The focus shifts to her hairpin, before we flash back to the moments after Boon-yi hugged the young prince Lee Do on the beach.

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I like Han Ye Ri’s beauty too. King Uija, the last king of Baekje, was reported to have thousands forgot the reported number but it was either episofe or 3k of concubines who successively committed suicide when Baekje fell.

I love you, supporting actors. HeadsNo2 March 23, at 6: SFD and Signal were my favorite dramas this year and a little last year.


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Of course, with HeadsNo2 amazing recaps, it made all so perfect. Semua juga udah tahu endingnya. The characters were multi-dimensional instead of the usual black and white demarcations. Semoga kamu cepat sadar, bahwa sebenarnya kamu sudah menemukan episoode pulang, namun kamu memutuskan untuk kembali mencari. I think he would have done it but he would end up resenting Bang-won for it.

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Hope to see her in sageuk drama again. I see her when i bath. Andre menemukan tambatan hati, yaitu Pricilla dan hal itu juga dialami oleh Pricilla.

Perhaps part of the bittersweet sorrow comes from how much Tree With Deep Roots was invoked in this final episode, with Tree not only being one of the best examples of sageuk to ever grace the airwaves, but also being the entire reason I came to Dramabeans in the first place. Uncle Grandpa — Episode: After a long moment of silence where he just looked at her, he admitted to missing her.

Angel-pun sedang booming karena iklan Jamu Amplas Rogo harus bermain iklan bersama Wisnu, laki laki yang menyukainya. Maybe I should just start rewatching SFD again. I must admit that the fangirl in me really wanted Bang-won and Boon-yi together even though it wasn’t what the show was about and it was never going to happen. Ini hanya awal dari masalahnya. Angel jadi panas ketika Andre dan Pricilla kian dekat. Ren March 28, at 9: It’s more like preference on my part.

KARA Secret Love Drama Ep 3 Jiyoung Eng Sub

After he bows, Moo-hyul meets with Grandma ypu Master Hong on their way out of the capital. So end of story, Queen Won’gyeong has no right for her to be jealous, other than doing her duty as her husband’s wife as well as being the mother of the nation.


In the premier press conference, the writers made it clear that this drama is about what it means to have a “nation. But at least I’ll have that brief moment kytu joy.

Max Doyle must find an enchanted gem to stop an invasion of evil spirits. Unlike Lee Sung-gye, he was controlled by his ,iss subjects with merits rather than eliminating them like BW. Who is dodam in six flying dragon?

YAI is just captivating as Bang Won. I can’t be scrubbing the toilet everyday right AND precisely because history is a force that continues to unfold to the future, I don’t think that it’s necessary to give k closure to every single character.

Ini adalah versi stabildiperiksa pada tanggal 9 Februari Loved the chemistry between all 3 of them. Thanks for the glorious 50 episode recap! I felt that before the halfway mark that mids writers must have some kind of propaganda behind the drama.

Is it a good idea to mess with the order of nature, and what will happen if you do? I can’t wait to finish Tree after this.

Moo-hyul flashes back to reading the note she left for him in the cave, which was a simple thank you for sparing her life. The drama wouldn’t be flawless as it is, without all of you immersing yourself in the characters. Thank you drama Gods.