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I really appreiate you recap, it makes me understand the story better. Ki Joon arrives on the scene to hear Ah Jung continue the lie. Can’t completely give up on this drama. I know back in the day people use to refer to each other as Miss and Mr. Aw, he has a crush on noona. Its really unlike yesterdays ep, which I think was the foundation.

Dont worry about, not reading us anymore, there are other dramas out there!! Why are you laughing!! Anyway, I’m a fan of Joo Won, so I will definitely keep watching it till the end, hoping the story line will be better. Moxie, I like what you said. They wonder if the rumor about the secret marriage is true? The ministry employees are outside welcoming all the VIP guests.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Why such a move, when he knew he could lose well, he dramacrzy did? And he doesnt see the issue with this. Nothing is more important than our kids.

If things have been decided already, he should just take the responsibility and cleanly end the relationship with Oh Yoon Joo. I reload your page on my phone like almost every hour to see if there are any servanh on LTM.

Ah Jung, please do not fall for the cutesy crap from KJ just yet.

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I liked this episode. Miss Oh Yoon Joo, I am so sorry. Gil-ro is the only character I really like, and may be Choi kang hee in some scenes who is btw a good actress. She waves at him without turning back.


I am a Srevant, who in august, will start studying, Nursing, so I handle the grief situation, a lot.

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KJ hugging her would seem to her like he was offering consolation and not himself — which is what she really wants. That is how he really feels.

I have 2 small ones myself, older boy is graduating Kindy end of this year, so I can totally understand! Henry, got a few punches, a broken nose, and a water fight that was hilirious!

Go to the Bermuda Triangle!! Servanf will receive a link to create a new password via email. Thanks a lot Koala for the updates! You know what the masses want and that pleases us. I am watching this because I have become vested in Gilro and Seo Won’s story and fallen in love with Joo Won’s acting here.

Yoon Joo asks to see Manager Park. Argh, grar, grumble grumble grumble.

Jin made for a good When GR played against WS, he saw WS move his ears which we now know he did on purposehowever GR knew that it was highly probable that WS had a good hand or did he think it was the opposite? Mizweng, thank u, u r great friend…. I know what I am doing. Sang Hee asks how the matchmaking date went?

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He rather hurt the girl ddramacrazy likes to protect the other girl? I was so desperately wrong. Hoping, praying, and waiting for the conclusion of this, messy love life of the characters!! I would have totally reacted like Ah-jung after finding his video on her phone. Hyun Ki Joon makes me frustrated. Two can play this game, right?



She tells him to make a clean break and resolve everything. Her co-workers ask her what their relationship is, and she says nothing. Does anyone knows the brand of this bag?

We need to get the heart broken, that will make us stronger!! He should take enough rest, did you feel his face was a bit swollen due to stress of shootings and lack of sleep? Sang Hee thinks Ah Jung is being a workaholic these days.

SH will mature bcoz he wants to prove to AJ that he is able, capable man he may work at World after all. Mentira OMG, this is so painful to watch!

Now I will keep on checking your site for spoilers for next week. I episodw hate him just think he maybe better somewhere else. I want to try soju too!!

He damacrazy no dibs on Ah Jung. Ki Joon says that walking a drunk woman home is simply his manners, sense of responsibility, and courtesy at work.

It gets to her, and she lingers over it with a sigh. SBS blocked it due to copyright issues. Betsy Hp February 23, at 2: Dad just snaps at him not to spend money servqnt useless things.