In this time of prices going so high that people are really being careful how they spend their money, if they get enough complaints they might stop screwing around. Creating Photo Projects My hunch is that whenever I install a cartridge in the printer I see a red light turn on. Did you also try to change things here? So, I think that for all printers contained in this programm, taping contacts will have no issue. I commend you for keeping at finding a solution! There are multiple conductive points arranged in a vertical row.

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I’m not familiar with Brother,but I will say that Epson and Canon are the way to go if you don’t like getting ripped off. Just as a note On the printer Lexmark Peter’s printer it is U5. Another status update, I have opened up the printer again and observer what the printer does when I insert a lexamrk.

Lexmark Z Series – Z

The weird thing is that not only did the file have the info on the cartridges that were currently installed in the printer but they also had the info on the other cartridge I previously installed into the printer!!!


Anyone know if this is just Lexmark “screwing with me” or is my cartridge bad? When I sent anything to print, Lexmark drivers showed a message that I need to throw my cartridges away and get a new pair.

I have also put a call into Nukote for assistance. Doesn’t it seem viable then that the Registry, as usual, holds the key?

Lexmark – X Color Inkjet Manuals

So do not worry about it. Lexmark is definitely frustrating. Hey, I really appreciated your post. This then pulls up the same error message. I did, quite by accident, come across the answer to the question we have all been looking for.

The effort on screwing with the Lexmark, a cheep and inferior product by far, just isn’t worth it. As far as Lexmmark goes, they have much the same policy as Epson and Dell is even worse. All problem are solve if you could have that all cartridges.

I removed the top,sides,and inner seperator. It looks black only because of all the mixed colors. I have even refille the cartritages! I also have a clean w2k installation waiting to receive the X printer.

Try this by taking out the black ink cartridge and printing a page. I now have a Cannon with the individual color ink cartridges and love it.


It prints like it use to. My Lexmark Z manual p. I bought myself a Lexmark X scanner-printer a couple of weeks ago, and I’ll be god-damned if I can get it to reset the ink levels.

Go to a 34 for Black and a 35 color. In most scenarios that is The printer warns “Left Cartridge Incorrect” and will not print from it. I agree with the “large hammer” repair for Lexmark!! I found that the so called larger cartridge which is a little more expensive then the smaller version contained less ink than the one that was smaller, So for that extra price you were gaining nothing.

Ink Cartridge Colour Compatible With Lexmark X 2500 X 2510 X 2530 X 2550 X 3310

Anyone up for a class lexmqrk Send them a letter telling them so like I did. So that is where the level is. Using This Product In Switzerland Now, the only thing you have to do is to tape the last ‘line’.