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I really like each, episodic story, all the while exploring the world of Elantra and Kaylin. From the Dragon Emperor who we meet later on who has trouble socialising and interacting normally with his citizens, to the barrani children who are so ridiculously cute and dangerous, from Kaylin’s Leontine Boss who chews his desk to pieces when he’s mad or when he has to do paperwork , to the human merchants on Elani street who sell fake love potions and occasionally make true predictions of the future. Humans, Barrani, Aerians, Leontines – none of the races emerged unscathed from the defense of the city. Wolves were briefly touched on but swords were only mentioned. This page was last edited on 19 February , at With each new instalment we get to know one of the races better. Children were being murdered— and all had the same odd markings that mysteriously appeared on her own skin…. Michelle Sagara has made the short story available for free download in PDF format here http:

Oct 28, Kira rated it it was ok Shelves: Cast in Secret follows on a few days after the second book in the series, Cast in Courtlight. But I finally gave up. Private Kaylin Neya thought her home couldn’t possibly get more crowded. You didn’t think you’d get out of this one so easily did you? Some of the strongest parts of the book for me were Kaylin’s encounters with the primal elements.

It appears that the Emperor is a Dragon, a species whose members are humanoid for the most part but can transform into a more conventional serpentine form and wreak devastation. She’s my kind of girl. This book is too awesome for words! But since the stolen item was ancient, without a keyhole, and held tremendous darkness inside, Kaylin knew unknown forces were again playing with her destiny–and her life I have to say I’m pretty impressed myself.


Chronicles of Elantra Series

Shelve Cast In Courtlight. Jul 12, Ann rated it it was ok Shelves: Seven years ago Kaylin fled the crime-riddled str… More. I guarantee that this book is totally, completely, entirely fluff-free. I’m percolating my thoughts. In the moments where she is being magically tested, she exhibits a wisdom and intuitive sense that is encouraging. Shelve Cast in Ruin. Honest to god, this ‘novel’ felt like a Nanowrimo reject. Worth trying out at least. This has always been something I’ve appreciated in fantasy, because it makes the world feel more real and accepted, like it’s always been there and you’re just late to the party – but, as with everything in this book, the writing style is so atrociously bad that it spoils everything.

Because dragons and flying men and lions who walk on two feet aren’t enough.

Chronicles of Elantra Series by Michelle Sagara

Aug 04, Amanda rated it liked it. Apr 13, Angie rated it really liked it Shelves: What do the mysterious markings say, what is up with the or nightshade guy, what isn’t everyone telling us? She’s completely impulsive and I don’t get to j I just don’t understand this book.

And her train of thought must have run on tracks perpendicular to my own, because I had such trouble following the reasoning of the main character. There’s even a ehadow bit of effort put into the characters of her workmates and superiors within the Hawks.

You didn’t think you’d get out of this one so easily did you? I did a lot of skimming.

And Eagara got nothing to say about the characters because they’re all about as flat as a piece of cardboard. The main character is imperfect, and that is likable, but that is pretty much the only likable aspect of her personality.


The author expects you to already know the characters, world and races, so she doesn’t bother describing it. Kaylin will tell anyone who dares that, compared to her, they’ve had it easy.

It took me three days. I know what I’m going to write here will be lost on those who haven’t read the book because, taken out of context, it really doesn’t seem all that bad.

Then again, view spoiler [Severn murdered Kaylin’s adoptive little sisters hide spoiler ] so he can take a hike, as far as I’m concerned. She can’t be because I understand just as little as she does. Again, it’s less the writer than the genre and my cynicism. I see the word caste come up often but I don’t really see the system in place.

Their main role is to fight when needed, protect the local population, patrol the street along with the Hawks and guard different locations e.

One of their kids goes missing and Kaylin has to find the child. Chronicles of Elantra Vol 2 by Michelle Sagara.

Cast in Secret

This book is more HF than UF. He just gets there. Other books in the series. They get better with time and I love the new model they’ve chosen.