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Then My X died, all in the same week. I think the problem was caused by me not fully cocking the last shot, I think I may have. The Minolta X-Series have been infamous for having their shutters “stuck” and without the film advancing. Results 1 to 11 of Also, Walmart and most drug stores have a big change bag that they could do it for you. They have the same type of board but a much more complex board. Also the film won’t get fed in.

This helped a lot. If it recocks and you can shoot then it is not a capacitor but the more expensive broken gear. Instant Repair Help over the Phone 6ya. If you pick the seller and listing carefully meaning they have good feedback rating and will accept returns, and they don’t say “I don’t know anything about cameras” , you might luck out. With film out it still will not advance it will need to go to Nikon. Here are the most likely: And within a short time both of their cloth shutters blew. This happened once before, and I sent it off to get it fixed.

I had to fingernail it back into position. So I thought it was the wrong part. This adfance been a very common problem and I’ll tell you why. However, I was hoping to get some information here from anyone who may have had to deal with the issue. If it jams, the mirror will stay up but it can stay up for sguck problems as well. That is the liquid they were filled with.

The Classic Camera Repair Forum: Minolta X mirror stuck

I am in Australia but any good electronics supplier should be able to help you out and they are cheap to buy, but watch out for the physical size of the cap. You can find instructions on the web for this well known issue, and you can also opt to send it to a camera repair place. I have to do this three times, before the mirror is released. If this is the case just buy another camera. The winding crank should return to “Normal” arter you complete the winding cycle.


The camera has been in storage for many years and I’ve recently pulled it out in hopes of starting to use it again however, the shutter release button isn’t responding. They have the same type of board but a fulm more complex board.

And advajce a mknolta time both of their cloth shutters blew.

FiliusJohannis 9 years ago. Might be worth a look. Posted on Aug 19, For over 20 years i have used a Minolta x and almost ten years ago i got a Minolta x i keep them both in my bag with different films in each body.

Well mniolta took some time and research but I have located everything you need so.

Minolta X-370 – Film-Advance Lever not providing a full stroke…

Over the years a pair of X’s have made it into my hands. That did the trick. These need replacing after about 15 years roughlyand are easily accessed though well hidden. But someone else’s comment “Groove Ware People” actually solved the problem very easily and simply, and best of all, free: A few hard taps with the end of your finger onto the shutter reelase button may unjam it if it is stuck But the drive motor did fulm make a full rotation.


AM92 9 years ago. Remove the old capacitor and then solder on a new capacitor. That’s what I’d recommend doing. BUt i always came back to my reliable Minolta.

Vendors on Ebay are hocking this info. The Minolta X-Series have been infamous for having their shutters “stuck” and without the film advancing.

If you are handy at such things, you can buy the caps, remove top and bottom covers, remove the dead caps and solder in the new ones. Congratulations on figuring out the infamous Shutter Capacitor problem. Please enter a valid email address.

They are similar but not the same.

I used Garry’s on my SRT to correct mirror-return issues, and they certainly did a good job. I’m sorry to bump this thread, but this seems to be my prob too. Other makes have similar issues, and scattered others of their own, on a comparable timetable. Tell us some more! Some of the electrolyte formulas weren’t nearly as good then.

This was a common problem with the X, a white plastic gear was used at the bottom of the take up spool mechanism that just was not strong enough especially when trying to get just one more shot from the roll of film.

It is stuck open. You can s-370 it because it is slotted.