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Chase leads the guards away and fights Ace while Bren and Jinja find Quickforce. Mom and the world are saved! He picks his father, and Chase has to use a double Monsuno attack to win. Dentsu Tec Produced by: Married at First Sight 6. The only way out is to win or be trapped forever! It will “debut later in the year” in the United States on Nicktoons, with a world wide release planned across Nickelodeon outlets in Suno has a virtual reality trainer to help the kids perfect their combat expertise.

Chase then decides to go and stop S. Team Core Tech launches an all out assault on a remote S. But TCT finds out this base is the seat of its new Armada and they’ll be lucky to get in and out alive! Two, he is once again trying to create a human-Monsuno hybrid. Klipse and his cloned son Six work with Don Pyro to try to steal him and destroy Chase. When they get there and get the book, The Dawnmaster steals it. An epic battle ensues which only gets more epic as the secret Benefactor shows up with a Core all his own and creates a Clone Liger!. The Japanese version cuts the entire sequence of the world exploding and Chase witnessing the destruction of Earth.

Monsuno, Combat Chaos, Vol. 2

The series premiered on February 23, with the first two episodes seasln and “Courage” as a back-to-back one-hour special. Mom and the world are saved! The only way out is to win or be trapped forever! After being captured by the evil Bookman, Chase, Bren, and Jinja must team up with a monk named Beyal in order to escape. Charlemagne figures out that Jeredy is traveling on the train lines and sends on the Strike Squad to capture him. You can buy them all on amazon in the links below!


Built around powerful, action-driven animation, dynamic characters and a deeply-woven original story mythology. As a result, there are two different renderings of her name” JPG. Suno calls in Chase episodw Team Core-Tech to stop Strike Squad before it’s too late, at the end the train transforms into a submarine, annoying Commandant Charlemagne so much that she breaks her tiny little whip.

She directs the team to assemble an artifact known as the Pentoculus, which will guide them to her. When Droog hacks in, it causes the kids to be stuck in the virtual world.

Strike Squad, a team which could be considered the anti version of Team Core-Tech handpicked by Charlemagne, the Hand of Destiny, a team of century-old tribes who have hidden from the world underground long caos, and Six, a teenager clone of Dr. The only way out is to win or be trapped forever. Season 2 of the American-Japanese produced animated series, titled “Monsuno: Keith Silverstein Commander Trey.

From Episodr, the free encyclopedia. Droog executes his plan to use the Failsafe Device epjsode destroy the Monsuno essence and avenge the people of his destroyed planet.

These baddies are working for their evil boss, Professor Tallis, in obtaining a very destructive Wild Core Bomb. Chase and Team Core-Tech attempt to intercept an unauthorized sale of Monsuno Essence, but end up uncovering a more dangerous plot, crafted by Droog. The Masked Singer 7.

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The trio heads to Axistown where they meet a mysterious woman who sends them to an underground fight club; Jinja obtains her own Monsuno she calls Charger. Later, it turns out to be a simulator to see if Team Core-Tech had what it took if it became real. Retrieved from ” https: However, believing there could be a way for Monsuno and humans to live in peace, Chase throws the trigger switch away.


Eklipse, now on Team Core-Tech’s tail, Chase and his friends are ready to take the heat. In this mid season 2-parter, Dax enters an underground Monsuno Fight Club tournament. Hiroto Kato Chqos — Prop Design: While the Core-Tech team seeks information on Jeredy, Jon Ace seeks to destroy the Monsuno Essence because he believes it is too dangerous. While the Suno’s talk, S. The Curse of Oak Island 2.

To save his friends and the whole world, Beyal must face the prospect of having to destroy all Monsunos. Suno has a virtual reality seaxon to help the kids perfect their combat expertise.

Chase and his monauno discover that Beyal lost his soul, and they head to the library to figure out how to get Beyal his soul back, but Dark Spin interferes. Beyal has a vision of Master Ey in trouble.

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Yasuhiro Moriki CG Director: Meanwhile, Chase has visions of his mother in some kind of warning. Season 2 OP Spin Go! While battling the Punk Monks, Six is forced to choose between his father or his new friends.