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I don’t know why I have the box set. He was the first Hallyu wave actor I fell in love with. It also seems to me that this show is not bearing up the weight of analysis that’s being heaped on it. Can’t you all do something more constructive? You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Jang Nara is ok but I still don’t believe she’s a great actress. Song Yi may not be the prettiest girl nor be the most pleasant to be around, but she is absolutely real and never ever fake.

If only it ends at the fountain scene.. In a breath of much needed fresh air, the story of My Love Patzzi is a courageous twist on the mind-control folktale: But even so, what I want is to be with you now. Samsooki the Deluded What happened to learning and moving on?! When does ‘Redundant’ comes in to play? So was every other character, in fact.

The scene where Hyun-sung first confesses how he feels to Song-yi is possibly my favourite in the entire drama, being both sweet and simple and oh so heartbreaking.

Previous Entry Show Introduction: Can you guys find another show which you disagree passionately and argue about that next? But now I am waiting for the Pasta recap.

Sorry Samsooki i love reading your defense but i will still stick with Dahee and Javabeans explanation of bizarre MLP ending. It’s been like watching a train wreak!

Hyun-sung goes splashing into the fountain like the fantastical modern day hero that he is and retrieves the penny she wished on she wanted to fall in love, a wish aimed at Bland Summmary. Song-yi is crying beside the amusement park fountain because she knows everything is over between her and Mr Bland as hell Son of a Chaebol, but still she cannot forget about him. Making his choice, he breaks away from Song-yee and takes Hee-won’s hand.


Hyun-Sung works as a seal trainer at the amusement park but he wants to become a veterinarian. In most as in bright Girl its the rich jerk that needs the girl to get past whatever mind freak he having trouble with and thus grows up and so forth becoming a full adult and better person with his ‘soulmate’ Actually both bright Girl and MLP had odd endings really, in bright girl she heads off to the army and what not.

No long looks between the two. Me, I’m not falling for it. Whatta friend, that Hee-won! On the other hand HE captivated me completely, so I lovd this drama a B- instead of a C just because he was in it to keep me fascinated by him. KJW’s character was in the drama simply as a revenge tool to put some ants in HW’s pants, seeing how anxious she is to lure him into her trap, but he’s probably the only person completely immune to her charms.

But her acting was believable, natural, and charming, whether she was the focus of the scene or just reacting to the characters around her. Now a days I expect some kind of explosion or choreographed fight scene and a four way love. Seeing 01 he needs epizode, she ends up saving him and causing him pstzzi fall in love with the “angel” sujmary rescued him.

Woooord to ze JB. The end means hardly anything, have to pay attention to patzzl drama as a whole and its dialogue – the dialogue was as blatant as it gets, as per the recap. I have no choice but to drag you, kicking and flailing, from the dead horse that you are now flogging to a pulp.


POPS MISSION: Korean Drama and Movie Obsession: MY LOVE PATZZI

Oh yeah, so glad I didn’t pick a side in OT. Just her typical facial contortions alone would have turned off a normal man like him in real life!

I aptzzi that it was perfectly natural for Song yi to feel that way, for a girl like her who didn’t have any serious romantic relationship or any knowledge of it. So glad I wasn’t eating or drinking!!!

The bottom line is, My Love Patzzi was enjoyable to watch, and that was enough for me.

My Love Patzzi Review (SPOILERS)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. When does an argument is won? Indeed if anything she so oozes the cuteness she has to rein it in if anything. I loved your arguments, Samsooki.

Am going for a long retreat in the Himalaya Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Song-yee, who is naturally hot-tempered, doesn’t enjoy this job too much, and is seen by Hyun-sung who also works at the amusement park and his friend, Yang Sam-yeol, bullying some kids after patzzi touched her chest. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

That aside, I’m all with you Samsooki.