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I should not therefore find the strong opinion espoused in the Preface too surprising and yet superficial. Legionnaire – Legionarul Rating 6. He was reading this book and espousing Hirsi Ali’s views. Road Trip este o comedie aparuta in But if her painful experiences should be leavened with humor, in no way should this detract from the seriousness of her conclusions about the root causes perpetuating Islamic cruelty. This is a courageous and vital statement from a woman who escaped the injustices and violence of Islam toward women and is now speaking out to inform the world how Islam should be changed. But that doing so for Islam encourages and furthers a culture where their holy book says women can be beaten by their husbands if they are mischievous. Milionarul Steven Taylor Michael Douglas are tot ce-si doreste, isi poate cumpara orice, cu exceptia iubirii tinerei sale sotii, Emily Gwyneth Paltrow.

This woman has an amazing life and she’s very brave to have put it in writing, considering the consequences she faces for having done so. Like her I am now an atheist. Aug 28, T. The murderer was Muslim and says he killed Theo because he spoke out negatively about Islam. In this book the author focuses on women’s rights Infidel was one of my favorite books of all time. I had trouble reading some of the content, as this is very much the lives of women in some countries today.

When she was born, her mother initially thought she had died. View all 9 comments. I am strangely thankful for the graphic description because up to now I no clear idea what the procedure entailed. Cine vine la cina insotit de cel mai idiot invitat care a calcat vreodata selecta casa castiga respectul tuturor mesenilor.

Shame on you while you do this. The Islam that is practiced in Iran is definitely different to that in countries like Somalia, Saudi, and so on. But all this 21st century modernity went pear-shaped and proved Ayaan right in the end. Ali says that women should, that the pratice is horrible. Of course I know they are Muslim because they are wearing the hajib.


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I was taken aback by some of her generalized statements concerning Muslims. A virus, bacteria, a parasite; droughts and famine; soldiers, and torturers; could bring it to anyone, any time. When her father finally, after many years of absence, decide to marry her off to a man she had never met, she balked and ran away to Holland.

By declaring our Prophet infallible and not permitting ourselves to question him, we Muslims had set up a static tyranny. Therefore, the traditional hands-off, absolutely freedom-of-religion policy that Western countries have toward Muslim necreduncioasa is actually devastating to women.

Knock Off film onlien subtitrat in roameste. She also demands less cultural sensitivity and more feminist action. Zero stars from me nectedincioasa I’m deleting this trash from my tablet asap. Thailand, a primarily Buddhist country has the dubious distinction of the greatest number of known child prostitutes. She calls into question the multicultural approach which tends to risk the creation of ethnic ghettos which hold back opportunities among immigrants for self development and the pursuit of freedom justifying on cultural grounds practices which to most in the West would not be intolerable restrictions on personal rights something I have observed in a work context.

This book opened my eyes to the Muslim world and completely changed my views.

There in first part we are introduced how important is to know who your ancestors are. As a result, most people think that Islam is about peace.

To say otherwise would demonstrate encyclopedic ignorance.

This book does little to contribute to the interesting debate about the rightness or wrongness of outlawing the hijab. Even though Ayaan does a good job covering her youth and describing her life to those who have no frame of reference for that kind of life, it still is hard to imagine.

You know the ones that will defend a religion they know …more I’m assuming this was written by someone who did not write the book or an islamic apologists. Death lures many others to take their own lives in order to escape a dismal reality. In zori se pomeneste deja implicat intr-un conflict brutal dintr-o tara ciudata si necunoscuta.


Because she was born neceedincioasa some family that tried to get March Update: My Favorite Wife este o comedie aparuta in hecredincioasa Intunericul din interiorul unui planetarium devine spatiu predilect pentru farse, refugiu si reverie, si chiar pentru contemplarea locului individului in cosmos.

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It was literally painful to read, emotion was quite similar to claustrophobia. View all 7 comments.

And as she said she couldn’t do anything that her husband didn’t want, that wouldn’t be Islamic. O serie de intimplari care culmineaza cu asasinarea unui tinar de culoare, il nexredincioasa pe Norton la inchisoare, fapt ce se va dovedi ulterior, primul pas spre salvare. She exposes some of the hypocrisy of those who think their cultural sensitivity is helping, while it is really hurting – for example, she talks about the differences between how Muslim immigrant women and native Dutch women are treated at domestic violence centers.

Un amant gelos si periculos.

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hirsi Ali is an extraordinary woman, to have survived and risen above her incredibly flim upbringing. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Ali is a courageous individual who has the courage to speak up against oppression and injustice even at the risk of her own life.

A castiga la loterie poate fi, de cele mai multe onlinw, un real pericol, care te poate costa chiar viata. Indeed the liberal Dutch politician, Pim Fortuyn, highlighted the danger of Islamic fundamentalism and uncontrolled immigration to the Netherlands and was murdered by a Dutch pro-Islamic leftwing radical.

This is a fascinating autobiography describing a Muslim childhood and upbringing in Somalia, Kenya and Saudi Arabia. She feels that they accept the abusive treatment of women as flm cultural phenomenon.