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Btw, if you go to a chasm section and you feel you made a mistake and want to go back, tough titties. Impact Software Development, Ltd. Jericho Video Game Developer Impact Software Development, Ltd. Traversing ledge upon ledge to travel between levels doesn’t change a thing. You Are Aaron Boone

Aaron Boone must find keys to progress through five levels and find the vicious serial killer The Mask who has his girlfriend as well as his mutant friends called the Nightbreed. I recently played Night Breed: Download Clive Barker’s Nightbreed: I’m pretty sure I have a copy in one of those rubbish clear plastic cases that came with my ‘Movie Madness’ or whatever it was called A pack. Edit Did You Know? Trivia A planned sequel was canceled but another, more action video game version of the novella was released in When you finaly complete the game you’ll end up in real mental hospital. Fully supported on 0.

Indeed, I don’t get killed off straight away, but this time I get the rather confusing scene attached below. I so want to complete this and end my intrigue and pain, but I don’t think I can. Developer Impact Software Development, Ltd. Demonik Video Game Comments and reviews There is no comment nor review for this game at the moment.

If you still get stuck, come back here and tell me, okay? Find More Posts by Dizzy. Play in your browser.


This feature is still experimental, the game may not work properly. With a handy utilisation of the autofire feature at a rate of 1 frame, go meI was able to get past the stupid-and-annoying run-away-from-the-demon subgame that blighted me the last time round.

That seams to be the goal of the game. Find More Posts by terryhan. Find More Posts by Fred the Fop. Either “Look around” or “Enter Graveyard”. Edit Storyline Nightbreed video game inteactive in the form of an interactive visual novel.

I’m stuck in the dosbox opening; no matter what comands I put in, I can’t do anything; on both emulated versions of them game. See the full gallery. This new found identity seemingly allows you to free these beserker creatures from their jail at the other end of the corridor without immediately getting torn to smithereens by them, in the same manner as when you first tried to enter Midian.

Edit Cast Credited cast: If I interavtive to look around I bump into the psychiatrist from the first scene and some cops. Add the first question. Developer Impact Software Development, Ltd.

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Impact Software Development, Ltd. Originally Posted by Anubis When you finaly complete the game you’ll end up in real mental hospital.


It’s a game I would have played when Ibteractive only started primary school and I could never make it past the graveyard. Read our screenshot tutorial. Despite its billing as an action-adventure, Nightbreed: So ladies and gentlemen, I finally spent more time on this game yesterday than I should’ve, just to try and solve some mystery behind it.

Download Clive Barker’s Nightbreed: The Interactive Movie

The Interactive Movie Nightbreed: Locked inside the infamous puzzle box, the gamer need to fight cenobites and other monsters and each level of hell opens a section of the box. You can drop a comment for anything too! Hurt yourself too much after a while and the game decides again that you deserve to lose consciousness and somehow get found by the Sons Of The Free and hauled out of Midian and into that familiar padded cell.

The Interactive Movie in your browser: Nightbreed Interactive Movie – “Line Emulator” exception. TIM is actually a fairly straightforward action game with a few pretenses of adventure game elements, e.