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A1, A2, B1, B2. This is also part of the TV5 site, but I thought it deserved its own mention on this list. Lots of online exercises. Tonton is a puppet turtle that will teach your little students how to speak French. What is healthy living? The students are an exceptionally respectful group of young people.

Les Fables de La Fontaine. I remind them to think about these videos before they ask to go to their favourite fast food restaurant for lunch. It is this enthusiasm and school spirit that makes Prince Philip more than a school. Below are links to free online resources for French teachers with a brief description on what each one is and what it offers. You are a teacher after my own heart. Sep 2, Scooters.

The stories on this site present illustrations with written text and narration. Through the encouragement of the Tomorrowland team, Yves was invited to curate his own V-Sessions stage at the edition of the festival.

I debated including this blog on this list. The French version of the Nickelodeon channel. Permission to Pin You have our episoxes to pin from our blog posts. What a gold mine!

Iuliana Prichea – February 26, 0. As a teacher, you should check out the resources first, e. Vandenbosch and I have been lucky to get such great kids this year. You can use Slideshare to, well, share the presentations you create on PowerPoint in my case, Keynote with other teachers. They listen to the dictations, write on a box, and check what they got right or wrong.

École Provencher

This is also part of the TV5 site, but I thought it deserved its own mention on this list. This is another option when it comes to French online dictionaries. They certainly do a better job at describing their site than I ever would: Let Three CP take you on a episodea techno journey with….


The Larousse website has free online dictionaries and an encyclopedia. I will be posting notices and assignments there. The best thing about this site, in my opinion, are the read-aloud stories. Having met many of their parents at our Thursday night Open House it is easy to see why M. Online dictation for grades students. Thanks for reading and for commenting, Carla! I believe that pretty much all videos can be used for listening exercises, so the section above should give you many options.

You move from page to page and get to hear, read, or hear and read the story. Here are some links to categories pages:. The site offers the written text for correction. Les Fables de La Fontaine. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They describe themselves like this: Or you can find presentations created by other teachers to help you teach French. From creating Jeopardy-like games on Powerpoint to scribbling questions on index cards, we have all been down that path.

You are sure to find a video that can be used in your classroom. Simple, but fun for younger students. I remind them to think about these videos before they ask to go to their favourite fast food restaurant for lunch. You can check out the full episode below! Here are a few links:. One of the things I was most looking forward to this year was getting to teach and learn with students I’ve never had before.

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Another great day for the students in 8M and 8V. The students are an exceptionally respectful group of episoes people. Thank you for respecting our work and happy pinning! You are a teacher after my own heart.


Free Online Resources For French Teachers

This set would be for young immersion pupils. N’oubliez pas de soumettre votre reponse dans Edmodo avant mardi. Similarly to the listening resources, the sites at the top of this post include a lot of reading exercises and texts. They participated in Vox Pop sessions in which they had to ask and answer questions related the episode’s theme.

Students are reminded to sign up for Edmodo. We also learned about cloud computing, discussed how highlighters can be detrimental to our reading, and how it is okay, even recommended and encouraged, to ask onivva if you are unsure about something. Click here and scroll down to find more free resources on TpT! Bring in creative materials, such as pencil crayons, markers, rulers, etc. Scooters will be confiscated if they are brought inside after tomorrow. Martin Garrix shares photo of him and his new girlfriend, model Eliza May delivers a booming festival trap tune with her latest….

I’m so excited to have spent the day with such an amazing group of students. You can either have Carmen read the stories aloud or have your students read the text by themselves or you can read for them and let them interact with the images. Later in the week, we watched video clips that showed just how unhealthy wpisodes food products they eat really are.