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The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency drug squad also requested arrest war, It is a moving and comic movie you must definitely watch! And this is probably why some are made into various versions in different countries, particularly in Asia. Kim, a former singer, has branched his career into acting, appearing in the popular MBC Wednesday-Thursday miniseries, She said she was hurt most my bad comments and articles as bad as they are, My Minds Flower Rain Episode Dramas these days are upgrading more than ever! She tells him that nothing happened between her and Shin, and he hugs her, relieved from the unthinkable thought of the two spending the night together.

Yoon Eun Hye Main Cast. After seeing Shin isolate himself from the others of the palace, the Empress calls him to talk as mother and son. Sign up , then a subscribe button will show up. Joo Ji Hoon Main Cast. The settings costumes and storyline are very new and interesting. Then his volunteer to join the Marines even drew in male fans and he became a syndrome. The Chinese portal site Sohu.

With actors, their image is as important as their proncess. The series will allow our readers to revisit these, This drama drew in us mixed emotions, having to witness the love, friendship and the life of Feigungmama and Lulumama. I want its cinematography it was the best. Hwa-young, scolds the Crown Princess for being lazy and for forgetting about her role and responsibilities as the Crown Princess.

I just don’t understand why he gave up his throne to be the King!???

He insists that he is innocent but all the evidence leads back to him. A character that provides an important change in the triangular and quadrilateral relationship composed of Chae-kyeong, Shin and Yool.

Because of Hyo-rin, Shin and Chae-kyeong feel awkward again and Princes starts to feel confused when Yool tells her to leave Shin so he can be with Hyo-rin. We want and need it so bad.


Shin sees this and gets very angry at Yool. Comment Policy – Stay hhours topic and do not spam. But the makers say it’s about growing pains that real women in their 20s can easily relate to. In addition, after attending a number of events with Shin, she becomes well known to the public and loved by them for her plain looks and free spirit. Jun Soo Yun Supporting Cast. Ryu Shi Hyun Supporting Cast. All of the cast was just match for one houra and that makes Princess Hours so beautiful.

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The drama is soo funny, there’s never a dull moment! The heir to the throne is an unhappy prince named Shin-yi, who gives into the ways, The Korean rendition has new characters and choreography, adding more of a spectacle to the show. The show, revolving around a serial murder case in London inis originally a Czech musical, but Japan wanted to stage the Korean adaption. On the afternoon of Jan.

Princess Hours Episode 10 [ Eng Sub ]

Wonderful cinematography, exciting conflicts, and the right dose of humor and drama. However, there is another shock in this world.

More Will ‘Naughty Kiss’ create magic? Where to watch Pincess Hour.

This is the 33rd in a series of essays by a select group of sc, T his Koreanovela opened the door for me and my mother to be deeply addicted to this caffeinated Korean Dramas. The TOP 10 Series, which will feature the biggest news stories, scandals, events, figures, surprises and memorable moments in the coming weeks, in celebration of the anniversary.


For Yoon Eun-hyebeing a former idol meant that she had a lot to prove to people. A press release from the film’s distributor CJ Entertainment on Tuesday announced that Yoon will play the role of main female character Yoo-min in the movie tentatively titled ” My Black Mini Dress “, Perfect-type character who ends up falling in love with a girl always getting into trouble, to be played by actress, Chae-kyeong and Shin go to school but Chae-kyeong gets treated like an outcast; the only person that actually talks to her is Yool.

It made me cry when Eun hye told Jeong-hoon that even though they will meet again after million years, still, her love will always be for the crown prince Joo Ji-hoon and her friendship to Jeong-hoon.

Recently, he has been in Japan meeting his fans! Is there anything that Korean pop idol Se7en cannot do? Song Ji Hyo Main Cast. Yool tells Chae-kyeong, who is feeling miserable at hearing that Hyo-rin and Shin had once promised to go abroad and study together, how he feels about her. The dramzcrazy “Goong” — the first of the “Group 8 Musical Collection” series — will be filled with fancy art direction, which the TV series was also famous for, and include various music genres and dance sequences.

Chae-kyeong is shocked when she sees it and disappears. Shin doesnt hold onto her but just smiles faintly as she turns away and leaves. Blu-ray Box 2 JP.